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July 17, 2019


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Congratulations to Chrissy. So glad to have another post from you, Paulette. You keep blogging, and we’ll be here. Happy stitching and designing. Judy


I love your blog! Please , please do not stop blogging. Oh yes, and I love your designs too :-)


Congrats to Chrissy E !!! And wooooohoooooo can't wait to see the design sold, I NEED it, really (who can resist a sloth design ? not me !) :-D *happy sloth lover*

Robin in Virginia

Congratulations to Chrissy E on her correct guess! Looking forward to seeing your new releases when they come out!

Joan in VA

I just saw part 2 of your American Heritage series. I can't wait until it is released!


I'm so glad to see your blog! I'm not on FB, Twitter, or any Social Media, so it's nice to keep up with you through blogging. Very cute design!

Sue H

Congratulations to Chrissy -- wish it was me! Lol! Love your designs. Such talent.

Ellen W

congrats Chrissy
How about Easter delivery? or Christmas?

Barbara Ryan

Welcome back. You have been missed. Love your furry friend.


I’m so out of the loop! Where did the past year go? I thought Sophie just graduated from high school but I see she already has her freshman year under her belt! How did she do? great I’m sure and how did you do? I used to love the photos of all your girls growing up...time passes so fast... you have any plans to release Autumn Hill anytime in the future? I love this one.

Enjoy the rest of your summer...can’t wait for Tired Yrio!


OH Paulette: Please make a stack of ducks! I have a fawn and white runner duck named Rooney (he follows me around like a dog) and he is very upset with the fuss made over chickens and the lack of ducks in cross stitch.
I love all of your designs esp the stacks (have them all the sloths are already on order) I don't have blog or do FB or instagram but i could send you a photo of him on Santa's lap for inspiration-do you still have the email that appears on older patterns? Annie

Melody Bryan

please do keep blogging Paulette! I agree with another poster - have seen your girls grow up on this blog and thru all life's changes - we are all here together. I'll be watching for the new designs. Hugs Mel


Great design. Thank you for blogging.


Congratulation to your winner , à bientôt vous nous manquez sur votre blog belle journée amitiés de France Geneviève

Emily Greenlee

I love your animal stacks! All are so adorable. Would love do be on your auto list.

Marjo DeForest

I love reading your blog with your family and lovely Stitches.

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