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July 10, 2019


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My first choice was taken. I will say ox!

Sue Hoover

I'm going with a lumbering hippo! Lol!! Glad to see you again!!!!


I just finished stitching your fabulous llama Lump. So love that design. My guess is Sloth Stack.... i am not the first but will stitch it for my daughter for Christmas as she has a "thing" about sloths. They are so funny .... and sleeeeeeeepy. Can't wait!!

Debbie Doctorian

Reindeer? Time to start those Christmas projects.

Kerri Manley

I love your blog and hope you can squeeze in some more posts this year lots of great guesses and I thought the stacks were going to be farm related but then you threw in Llamas and foxes. So I am going out on a limb with some lazy lions. But really hope it is sloths or tudtles!

Ella Taylor



Cats is my guess.

Joan in VA

Gotta be dogs. (Or at least I hope its gotta be dogs.)

Kristen from MA

Skunks? In any case, I'll buy it.

Jane Belew


Joanne P

I thought sloths, not going to win but commenting to let you know I still read blogs!


The first thing that popped into mind was those stack of animals with the cow, pig and chicken. But everyone is guessing 3 of one animal so pigs as in the three little pigs. :o} Glad to see you back, I have missed you.


How exciting! It is dogs! Dog-tired, right?


All great answers. I'm going with penguins.


Angela Haworth

Seeing as no-one has already said it I'll go with pigs although I think in America you call them hogs or swine.

Lora O'Toole

I'm guessing dogs

Robin Sample

I'm guessing Turtles! But I hope you have LOTS more planned:)

Patti Fronk

I would think turtles

Jeanette Kilpatrick


linda koch

Oh fun I’m thinking turtles! Love your trio patterns too cute cute!!
Hugs Linda

Ellen Lock

Cats please!

Barbara DeVillez


Penny Houser

The two I thought of are taken too. Turtles and Sloths. Can't wait to see!!!


I hope it's donkeys.

Sue Mettler

I think it is Dog as in Dog Tired?

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