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July 10, 2019


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Cynthia Dee

My first thought was cats, but since that was guessed already, my official guess is wolves!

Patti Gagliardi

Sloths! So excited to see a blog post! Yippee! Hope that there are more ;)
Blessings, Patti

Yvonne Rupe

I'm guessing mice! :-)

Melody Bryan

glad to see you posting on your blog Paulette! I won't guess because I think all the possibilities have been covered - happy Friday

Sandy P

My guesses are as follows:
* Big cats, i.e., lions, tigers
* Camels

I think a goldfish stack would be pretty cute, too. That would just cry for embellishment.


So good to see you haven’t abandoned your loyal blog fans! Guesses are all taken so just a welcome back.


Hello, my guess is lions. Always tired!
Have a good day!


Maybe Dogs, because you love dogs Paulette :-))


I’m going with dog as dog tired but then thinking bears as they hibernate. Anybody watch hummingbirds frantically flitting, now they should be tired!


A trio of tree frogs! I'm sure someone above me has picked the winner already. Nice to see a blog post from you though!






My guess was monkeys, but I too will just have to wait and see. :D Cathryn

Teri L.

Hi Paulette! How about a Cat Stack?!?

Donna Lemos



I have no idea. I just wanted you to know I do check your blog and look forward to when you post. Marleen

Michele Godbey


Amy guess is bears


I'm pretty sure the answer has already been posted but I'll try giant panda, tiger or armadillo :)

Barbara Maier

Dogs? For 'dog tired'...

Connie  Rogers


judy thomas

Im going to quess Owls, but really would love to see a pink one. All of the designs are wonderful, and fox few is my fav and all ready stitches up.

Debra Powers

Owls? Looks like all the good ones have been taken...haha My first thought was Sloths and then Cats....hmmmm what could it be? I check your blog now and then, it sure has been a while...but it's great to see you blogging again, I've missed you!!

Tracy Cabrera

I might be the newest reader to your blog and have become a quick fan!
First thank you for all the wonderful freebies you have on here! I am amazed by your generosity.
My guess to the new animal would be pigs
since you tend to see them in trio's.


Polar bears?

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