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July 10, 2019


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Chrissy E

Oooh! I'm torn because I have two guesses! So I'll go with sloths? Whatever it is, I can't wait to see it and buy it!!!

Vanessa Totten

I would have guessed sloths, but since that was taken, I will throw out turtles.


I’m going to guess cats....

Karen M. Kelch

Is it horses?

Robin in Virginia

I am going to say dogs because turtles are taken!

Michelle Rocha

Well my guess was sloths, but I won’t be the first with that one!

Judy Hall

It’s wonderful to see you back, Paulette. My guess was cats as well. Judy

Darlene North

Love you back!! I'am going for RABBITS


I also think it is sloths, but since that is taken then I am going to say koalas. Those animals are laay-zee!


Turtles slow and pokey

Ellen Whitlock


Judith Coache

I’m thinking cat possibly cat caboodle.



Jean Davis

My guess is seals. Take care.


Squirrels will be my guess. =:)

Jean Davis

Based on our backyard activity, squirrels, chipmunks,and groundhogs!

Diana Mooney

Kittens or monkeys?

Natalie Huston

My guess is sheep. Can't wait to see the new design!

Jan Smith


Kelly Higgins

Being from Oz I’m guessing Koala bears
Love the blog waaaay more than Facebook

Michele Inman


Judi Fricker

My guess is donkeys.


My guess is meerkats? See you in Australia..soon!!!


I'm not playing because I never win... but I saw some great suggestions in previous comments, like sloths (oh yeah pleaaaaase), possums (please please), or turtles :-) I guess I only like strange, funny or hard to chart animals, like the girafe (too long neck, too long chart haha), platypus (am I the only one ?) or pangolins... or even better : Axolotl... hahaha


I'm certain it's elephants.

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