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August 11, 2018


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Lots of love and prayers for both of you!!!!!!!!

Tammie Latimer

Prayer and positive thoughts for you and Sophie.


I'm one of those who has been reading your blog and watched your girls grow up into beautiful young women. I just cried a couple of tears myself reading this! Good luck to Sophie on her new adventure!


Prayers for both of you 🙏❤


Awe, Paulette!!!! I’ll be thinking of you! We move Bradley in on the 20th, so we are just beginning. I can’t even imagine how I’ll be feeling when it’s Matthew’s turn. Lots and lots of hugs during this time!!

Ann Knudsen

My two youngest, twin boys, are leaving for college at the end of August. I share your feelings. Good luck to both you and Sophie.


Someone pass the tissues, please! P, you will be fine! And you are still a stay-at-home mom! 🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱❓❤️❤️❤️


It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? I remember, when my youngest left for college, thinking that the only thing I ever wanted to do well was over. I cried a lot the first month. But how could I be sad when my kids were so happy? They were exactly where they needed to be and were doing so well. Eventually, I adjusted and found a new level of freedom, which was fun. And they came home. They left again, but then they came back and left and came back and I realized how proud I was and how I never really lost them at all. I bet that’s what happens to you too! Hugs, —Karen


So amazing! She is every bit as beautiful as the rest, I’ve enjoyed watching them all grow up here. And the fur babies too!! ❤️

Cynthia Harris

She's a beautiful daughter. It's so hard and wonderful at the same time to see them grow up. My youngest, Rachel, was with me for 27 years choosing to go to college close to home. Last year she moved into her own place for the first time and I'm still not used to her being gone. It's like part of me is missing. But she is also close to home and I see her often. Enjoy your time discovering your new place in life.


I feel for you. Both of my girls have grown and flown. An empty house feels to big and so alone. But you WILL adjust and you will love seeing her fly high. You are in my prayers.


Big warm hugs to you and Sophie.


Awwww...I went through my oldest going off to uni last year and my youngest will go next year. Totally dreading it. I want to be their mum forever with them round me all the time and to only see them a few times a year will be a killer! Still they have grown into confident young adults so I must have done something right! Good luck to Sophie - and you for 12 August. xx

Darlene North

Sophie enjoy your journey !!!
Beautiful family it has been wonderful seeing all 3 of your daughters
Grow up.
Wishes and prayers are being sent but you don't need them
You all are strong and will be ok
Darlene N


This was a great walk down memory lane for all of us - mostly you. You have lived the dream I was not given - being that stay at home mom. The stay at home part changes now but the being the mom never will. These are strong women now and you will will be their mom through all the new adventures and we will still be here waiting for updates. Keep the Kleenex close. All will be well.

joann mccormick

OMG! they grow up so fast and right before our eyes! I know my most favorite picture of sophie was her Halloween picture as the queen. with the white face and "pinched" lips. she is so beautiful, just like her sisters.

CONGRATULATIONS SOPHIE! on graduating early and now heading off to college!


Prayers and hugs! It’s so hard to “let them go - again” but we raise them to be independent and brave! You will Always be the “home” they come to.


A bittersweet day, to be sure! Good luck, sweet Sophie and to you too, Paulette!


I'm one of those who has been reading your blog for awhile now. Amazing to see her grow up in your pictures. Prayers to you Paulette on dealing with this. I can truly say it gets easier with time.

Diane Allyn

You have done a wonderful job as her mother. She will make you proud !
She’s a beautiful woman and will make you proud!


God bless you all. ❤️

Robin in Virginia

Best wishes to you, Sophie as you begin the next leg in your life's journey! Prayers being said for you as you embark on the beginning of your college years and prayers for you, Paulette. Thinking of you all tomorrow!

Lynn Davis

She’s lovely!!

Vanessa Totten

I know the feeling. When we were moving our youngest to the University of Illinois, a whopping 45 minutes away, I didn't make it a mile down the road before bawling my head off. You get used to it, then the sadness is replaced by all the new and exciting things they are experiencing and then it becomes fun and you treasure the times they are home visiting. Prayers for your girl and of course, for mom as well!

Beth in IL

Me too! My baby girl heads to college August 13. I home schooled all 3 kids so this is tough. Thanks for sharing. Will be praying for you and your daughter during this time of transition.

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