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February 07, 2018


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Robin in Virginia

I love the shots of Leo and Sabrina. Way to go, Paulette!


Paulette, I'm swooning for this smart and shy fluff of pupper! Leo is so cute! Do you know the IG account "mysterypibble"? Leo is reminding me of him--and in more than just looks! What sweeties!


Thank feel your pain, Paulette. You got some good ones though. Judy

Penny Houser

He is so precious and Sabrina is so beautiful!!! I love your humor too, so fun!!!!


Sabrina looks beautiful and that coat on her is perfect!

Sue H

Totally understand your missing them. My "baby" girl lives 900 miles away with 2 kitties. So wonderful when we're together -- just like you & Sabrina. Love our girls!!!

Sandi Durkee

Awesome pics of Sabrina and Leo. He looks like a sweetie and thanks to Sabrina for rescuing him...we have two rescues. Rescued dogs really seem to appreciate having a family. Love it!


Hooray! Congratulations! ;)


Such good pictures. My Golden will not look at the camera.


Hooray for determination! Leo is beautiful, as is your sweet Sabrina. The best part of your blog is having the privilege of watching your kids grow up. They are all special girls.


Great job with the photos! I miss mine too and they are only an hour away. Life always seems to get in the way. :( Cathryn


Paulette, I have enjoyed watching your three girls grow up through the years. What a blessing.

Pam Hoerner

Love that you kept trying as the shots are great! Your girls are all amazing and have turned into such giving independent women! Of course, they are also gorgeous but your heart must just burst with pride every time you look at them! I know you do enjoy your time with them and their pets! See you soon!


Love the pictures!

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