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August 01, 2017


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Emily L

I am so glad you decided to release Judge Not - that is my favorite of the bunch and I'm planning to start it as soon as I can get to my LNS to kit it up! And I'm also a member of the Early Risers Club. There's something so peaceful and quiet about the early hours and I love the feeling of the day full of possibility. It's also the best time to have coffee :)

Charlene in  PhxAz

Let's chalk up those chart errors to being human and eyes open at 3:45 am!! Berry Cottage goes to top of my list and right behind the next two sampler houses. I have the one and two releases kitted and in my "I really will stitch these in my lifetime basket!!" Thanks for your wonderful talent and it's good to read blog postings again.


Kudos to the early risers--I have more energy, think more clearly and the entire day just goes better--keep those great designs coming


You do bovines so well that I want to stitch me a herd! Love everything you design. I'm a 5 o'clock-er too. My dad was always saying to us 'the early bird gets the worm', we were so tired of hearing that! Now that I'm older, he was right. Looking forward to the future releases.

Sue H

Love Sampler House III. You can't go wrong with USA! The Judge Not is adorable too. Glad you decided to go with it!


Lol. Little miss loved it!! She had questions about cows, sheeps and the little lady at the bottom 😂❤️ All fun releases. I love them.

Pam Hoerner

You are so talented!!! I love getting up at 5 am too. I think you use your early mornings for some great creativity. Are you one with our little notebook with you at all times, even by your bedside? Funny how those ideas just pop in your head at all hours!

Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to some of your new releases too. You have a great color palette! Enjoy the dog days of summer as it sure goes fast!

Hugs. ❤️

Shelli rippetoe

Are you going to be releasing Hello Winter to complete the series? Thanks!

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