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July 20, 2017


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Mona Flaherty

I was an attendee at the stitching event... and had a great time! It was awesome getting to mert you.. and Thank You for signing my piece! I love that scripture guides you in your creations!


Incroyable! Rien comme cela en France! C'est un rêve cette boutique! Merci pour le partage...

Irene Heseltine

If I see something I like? I like it all! I have always envied stitchers in the US having these amazing shops available - but honestly - if I lived within touching distance of this place I would be a pauper in a few short weeks! Irene xx

Sue H

Wow! pretty much sums it up. Is this an annual event? I'd love to attend!


Beautiful pictures and darn it a few things I think I need to stitch :-).


Thanks for sharing looks like an incredible shop how lucky for those who live close by!! We need to treasure all LNS left❤️❤️

Judy Starkey

I was at the event with several of my Kansas friends and loved meeting you and Linda. It has been on my bucket list for a long time. You had such wonderful projects for us!

The shop was wonderful, such a variety of designers, fabrics and displays. Everyone was so helpful and kind.

Hope you can make it to one of our Heart's Desire camps sometime.
We would LOVE to have you!

Marianne eggert

FAbulous! I want to go visit today! I have ordered from this shop. They are so very helpful. A wonderful group of ladies! Their packaging is so beautiful. It's like Christmas all over!

Robin in Virginia

Thank you for the photo tour, Paulette! It looks like an amazing place. Glad you had some time with Sabrina as well!


I'm pretty sure that is what heaven looks like. 😄

Mavis Trout

I was. There! It was wonderful! Loved meeting Paulette and Linda. They were so very nice!! Lindy ( the shop owner) and her gals were the best! Can't wait till next year!!

Kristen from MA

It's Nirvana!


A few years ago on our drive from Phoenix to Manhattan, KS we detoured to Tulsa and my DIL met me at The Silver Needle. It is an awesome shop, but I have to admit I was overwhelmed! I keep telling her we need to make the detour again; there is so much to see there, it's awesome!


I so enjoyed your pictures from the Silver Needle, Paulette. What a wonderful crosstitch design with the words from the first verse of the old hymn "Jesus paid it All".

The year was around 1865. The words came to the writer while she was in the choir loft during a long pastoral prayer. Soon she began to think of her need for salvation and the lyrics began to flow. Afterword, she shared them with the pastor who loved them. The lyrics went so well with a tune organist John Grape had recently written the pastor united the two.

I'm so glad you got some time to spend with Sabrina and The Mercantile. Did you're caffeine include cinnamon rolls? For me that is Heaven. 😊

Paula Abay

Loved the pics! It's been on my bucket list for a while to visit this shop. Hopefully I won't have too much longer to wait!!


Thank you for sharing. I always look forward to your blog posts. I have done some of Silver Needles clubs but haven't made it to the store yet!


Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. I have been fortunate enough to be in this shop a few times while attending retreats there and this is a positive flashback!!! I have to ask what the tomato looking things are in picture #7?

Melody Bryan

so wonderful to see all the pics of Silver needle. Glad to hear you got to see the Mercantile owned by The Pioneer Woman and spend quality time with DD. I bet you had a super time. Hugs Mel


Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures of the Silver Needle! I have ordered from them for several years...the ladies are absolutely wonderful! Definitely on my bucket list to visit and take in a retreat. They certainly are a little slice of heaven!

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