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July 01, 2017


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Kristen from MA

Fostering is a wonderful thing, Paulette. A brave thing too, because look at those faces! Those faces are the reason I can't foster.

Joann mccormick

Ok, I'm a foster fail mother. And I'd never give my Annie up. She is a big goof ball.
But thank you Sophie for fostering! And I love the names so you won't get toooo attached. All of them are adorable and this is from a dog person. But look at their eyes!!!! OMG! The gorgeous colors! Joann

Ps, I hope you don't have firecracker issues with them.


Good for Sophie! I could never foster. I am a HUGE softie. Our next door neighbors constantly foster dogs. I told them years ago not to get a poodle!!!


How wonderful! Am sure these beautiful kitty babies are being loved and given the best home a kitty could ever hope to have. My heart has a special place for kitties and I would become known as the crazy cat lady because I am not sure I could give them up.


So wonderful that Sophie is fostering. Those kittens are just adorable.



Jeannine Foss

Awwww, darling babies. I foster the bottle babies for our local Humane Society and local rescue groups. It's impossible not to get attached to them. I don't think there's a way around that. Thank you for being a foster and taking care of these sweet babies.


What sweet furbabies, Paulette. I think I might be a gonner with The-Little-Black-Cat-That's-A-Boy-And-Has-The-White-Spot too. :-)


Good for you! I would never be able to foster animals.... I would want to keep them all! These 4 are SO sweet! Good luck to both of you!


They are adorable little kittens. Thank you for fostering them!


I'm laughing rofl.
I fostered 4 kittens 9 years ago. Did the same as you, and called them "the big one", "the little one", the blue one" (a sort of Russian blue/grey) and "Ribbon" (because he was idential twin to "the big one" so we tied a ribbon round his neck.
When they were 8 weeks old, I took them back to be adopted. And over the next week, I phoned daily to see who had found a new home. After a fortnight, 3 had been adopted but "the blue one" hadn't. He ended up coming home to us and his name ? ? ? Le Bleu (the blue one) rofl.

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