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March 19, 2016


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I'm here-thank you for posting

Joelle from France

As always, I read your articles with eyes wide open. Thanks for showing us the real colors of these beautiful designs 😊 But.... Yours are better 😻
Kind regards from,France 😘

Robin in Virginia

Thanks for the photo walk from Nashville, Paulette! I'm still here reading your blog as well. Have a wonderful weekend!


I too visit your blog, thanks for posting the Nashville photo's, your pictures are wonderful.


Great pics, Paulette! I think it's interesting that Sophie loved such a traditional sampler! My intermittent blogging has far fewer visitors than in past years, too. That's okay... I really like that it's a kind of life, as well as a stitching journal, in a way that Instagram and FB cannot be. Always love your posts!


I am here! Thank you! You take great pictures. :D

Kd Brown

Paulette, do you happen to remember the designer of IMG_6348 in your post "Nashville Market 2016 - Part 1"? It is the 5th pic up from the bottom and it looks like it says "Christmas Card" behind the glass dome. It has the initials BKA. Thank you, Kd.

Charlene in  PhxAz

I check your blog all the time and I knew you would bring us the best in market photos. Thank you so much. Love all your new releases and they are on my wish list for Mother's Day.


Sophie has good taste! I like the sampler as well. I don't do Instagram so I'm just glad you still post on your blog. Please don't forget about us hold outs! Love your pictures, especially at Market time.

Pam Lacey

Love the photos and you taking the time to blog!! Happy stitching...............


Please do not give up your blog; FB and Instagram are not half as enjoyable. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, always an an enjoyable sight
You are so talented.


Beautiful photos--thank you for taking your time to share. So many great designs/designers at the Nashville needlework market


Thanks so much for the photo tour--and let me add, I much prefer blogs to FB or Instagram--and I always enjoy your entries.


Thanks for posting these pics, Paulette. I loved seeing all three parts -- so much fun!

Lizzy Pizzy

I will always come over here from your message on FB and enjoy your lovely market pics. Thank you for taking the time to share with us ♥


Love looking at all your pictures. Please keep them coming.

Pat B

I don't always comment but love reading your blog and seeing your wonderful photos. Thanks for taking us to the Nashville Market with you!


Hi Paulette, I love reading your blog, and looking at the lovely pictures, wishing for a job so i can buy one to stitch.



Paulette you are sincerely missed in the blog world. I have been thinking of you and wondering what pieces you and your mother exchanged this year at Christmas. I always enjoyed seeing that post. Thank you so much for your generous time and posting these Nashville Market pictures as I can never even hope to visit there. They all are so very amazing. It makes me wish that my needle was as fast as my wish to stitch the pieces I see. By the way there are quite a few PSS charts on my wish list. Thank you again for everything. :) Cathryn


I read blogs on my phone now, and I find it more onerous to comment but I should more often, so you know you and your posts are appreciated!


Thanks for sharing all the Market photos! I look forward to your blogposts... Been reading them for a very long time, from when the girls were much younger!! (cannot believe how grown they are!!) Felt like being invited right into your family gatherings! I have not posted as many times on my blog as I used to, but I am not going to stop. It IS a record of my stitching--have no other! Hugs!

Sara Hopwood

I prefer blogs. So much more of a stitcher's personality comes through on a blog. Facebook and Instagram are like walking by someone's house; reading a fellow stitcher's blog is like sitting down in his/her living room. Instant isn't always better. :O)

I've been meaning to thank you for offering your Twelve Days of Christmas sampler. What a generous gift! I have two blocks left to stitch and have thoroughly enjoyed working on it. Thank you!


I check out your blog almost daily to see if you post. I appreciate your posts and love all of your beautiful needlework. Also enjoy hearing about your girls and your cute pooch. Thank you.


I too check your blog daily and have missed more frequent postings. I love seeing the exchange between you and your mother as well


Love your blog!

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