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December 20, 2015


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Merry Christmas!!

Sherwood Forest Maiden

Thank you Paulette for this lovely sampler, one of my favourite rhymes of Christmas


Thanks for sharing the pattern .
Happy holidays.


Thank you for 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'! I'll be working on them next year. Merry Christmas....

Mary Thornton

I haven't started stitching, but look forward to completing this. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us


Thank you for the great freebie Twelve Days of Christmas--Merry Two arrived in the mail last week. When are you going to show sampler exchange with your Mom?

Laura Bozell

Thank you for this lovely project! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!


Thank you so much!!!
Merry Christmas, Jutta


I am grateful and I love the finally~~ Merry Christmas!!!


*finale (fat fingers...sorry...)


Thank you so much for this great holiday project. I am making individual ornaments. Still a little behind, but hope to have them stitched up by the end of the year. They will go on my tree next year. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Thanks so much for the great pattern! Loved stitching it. I finished this morning. Once framed will be great for next years decorating!

Pam Soward

Thank you so much for the beautiful sampler! Have a Merry Christmas!


Hello, thank you so much again! Great designs!
Love the idea posted by Lizzy Pizzy (just above) about individual ornaments.

Susan McKnight

Thank-you very much! I will have it done for NEXT year! Wishing you a Happy New Year!


Merci !!!!! et tous mes remerciements. Joyeuses Fêtes !!!!!


Thank you so much for this beautiful design. :) :) You're a talented designer and we are blessed by your generosity. I hope 2016 brings you a bushel of blessing in both your family and work lives. May God be with you!



Love these designs! I have a question about another design though. I am wanting to start on A Yuletide Welcome but I would like to keep it out year round and would like to stitch A Winter Welcome instead. Do you think that can be graphed to fit?

Joanne P

Thank you for this lovely SAL. I'd had the original First and Second Days on my list for a while and this was the perfect chance to stitch them.
I changed the colours to use a red Splendor silk and one different accent colour for each Day.
Here's a link to show my finished project:


Thank you so much for these....I am hoping to finish them for next Christmas and listen to my GD sing the song as she puts the ornaments on the tree.


Thank you for this fabulous design Paulette. I hope you and your family had a fabulous Christmas.
Did you do another sampler exchange with your mum this yeAr? It is such. Lovely tradition and makes me wish at lest one of my daughters would stitch!

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