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October 18, 2015


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Thank you so much Paulette, this is going to be fun!!

Mar Sutherland

The designs are lovely Paulette! Thank you for sharing it with us!


Thank you! :)


Merci Paulette.
As I choose my linen I Will begin to stitch the sampler this evening :-)))


This is wonderful Paulette. Thank you!


Thank you for sharing. Going to stitch them seperataly.

Lizzy Pizzy

Woot!! :) Liz x


This is great! Thank you so much! xx


Thanks for the early Christmas gift! It's going to be beautiful.


Thank you, Paulette - I may try a 4 sided stitch for the border - just to make it interesting. Even though I have already stitched the first 2, I'm going to stitch these all together!

Gillie Kilner

Thanks, Paulette, have a blessed Sunday!

Margaret Kaltefleiter

Thanks so much, Paulette! This is such an awesome gift you have given us!


Thank you for your generosity and talent! I'm stitching mine as ornaments. Going to cut my twelve pieces out now.

Angela Tucker

Thank you so much. This is a perfect Christmas project. You are a very special person to share your talent with all of us.


Thank You Paulette! Not sure if I'm going to stitch on one piece, or as ornaments. This is going to be fun though!

Pam hoerner

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing these ornaments! You are so sweet and generous! Who thought Christmas would be on our minds already but this will make it fun to enjoy in the next few months!

Lynda Ruth

thank you so much for this. I love your charts and this is going to be wonderful big hugs Lynda Ruth


This is almost like Christmas Morning!! Such a sweet and wonderful gift you are "giving" us. Can't wait to get this one started. On my way to choosing fabric and threads to stitch this as one piece. Thanks so much!!!!

Beth-Ann Williams

Ohhh thank you i love this ,


Thank you!


So excited and just about ready to start. I do have a question, in the first post, you said we'll need two skeins of red. Is that for just the ornaments or does that include the border too? I have 20-yards of the perfect red but can't get anymore of it. I'm pretty thrifty with my fiber but would rather not stress about running out.

Judy Starkey

How lovely...thank you so much. I do ornaments for each family member each year, but I think these will be mine. Maybe I will duplicate a couple for others...they are so nice.


Thanks so much Paulette!!! Couldn't wait for church to be over so I could get home and start!!! Is that wrong???!!! 😊


Thank you so much, such a lovely project this will be!

Paulette Stewart

Hi Susan! Im honestly not sure what the answer to that is! So what I would do is just stitch the ornaments without the border, and if you want to add a border in the end, youll know if you have enough.. If you dont, then you can stitch it in the black or green? Just a suggestion! :)

Im sorry I couldnt be of more help to you!


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