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July 09, 2015


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Nataly K

Great update! See you at the retreat next week.

Karen V.

As someone who is not on Facebook and who has no intention of even trying to figure it out, I have really missed your posts to your blog. Please don't forget us! I'm sure I'm not the only person left who doesn't do Facebook.


Mom's backyard is amazing--I want to spend the summer there! Always enjoy your beautiful photos of her gardening efforts (and I suspect Dad's)

Charlene in  PhxAz

That yard should be in a magazine. Gorgeous.
As a NON Facebook person I am so glad to see you post again. Missed you!

Bonnie Ingalls

Marsha looks fabulous. Good to see this photo of her. I miss chatting with her.

Laurel Mannen

I have missed your posts too!! I come here at least every other day just to check for anything new. It doesn't have to be long to make me happy. I'm another one who is not on Facebook, but depending on what you decide I may have to change my ways. Not sure you can teach this old dog any new tricks, but for you?? I'll try 😊

Monica Goodreauy

I'm on FB but things get buried so far down with all the groups I'm a member of, that I do prefer blog updates.
Wonderful pictures!


Have really missed your blogs! And OMG Sophie is all grown up!

Robin in Virginia

What a fun post to read and see this evening! It looks like you had a fabulous 4th. I'm another in the non Facebook camp, so I was thrilled to see your new post.

Denise Aboushoushah

I much prefer reading on blogs to reading on Facebook


I too prefer and miss blog posts! I love your photography and updates. Happy to see this post today; glad you are happy and busy.


Ohhh, Paulette, so nice to see you again. I missed you so much.
I am happy that you are all happy.
Liebe Grüße von Anja und Lutz


Oh my gosh , Sophie looks so grown up ! And so beautiful .
Good to see you back . A lot of people are turning to FB / Instagram and Twitter , but I still love looking at blogs .

Angela Tucker

I am so glad to see your post!! I "do" FB, but much prefer blogs. Blogs are like sitting at the kitchen table having coffee with a friend. You have a beautiful family and take the most amazing pictures. And your patterns, I LOVE to see them here. Thank you so much for sharing!


I had wondered about you. Glad to see you will continue blogging. I don't do FB.
Such fun with the family. :D


Looks like lots of fun ;-)!!!!!!!!!!


See you next week at TH.


I'm not on Facebook and never will be, so I'm glad you'll continue to blog! I can't believe how grown-up Sophie looks; where does the time go? Enjoyed the peek into your family fun on the 4th!


I love your 4th of July posts! lol! So much fun! Can't believe how grown up Sophie is. Your mom looks so young! I rarely go on Facebook. I just can't get involved with yet another thing, as you were saying. I can't keep up with blogs anymore either!


Another stitcher who isn't on Facebook so I hope you do continue to blog. Your mom's flowers are amazing too.

Pam Lacey

I really look forward to your blogs; so I am so glad that you are giving it up! Love all of the pics of your July 4th with family; it brings back memories when my family wa larger and we got together. I am looking forward to new patterns from you, as always. Enjoy the rest of your summer with your girls, and happy stitching and designing.

Pam Lacey

UPDATE: Sorry, I should have said "I am so glad that you are NOT giving up your blog". My previous comment had an error in it.

Laura Duet

What beautiful pictures and such a beautiful family!!! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the TH many fun people are coming!!! Very exciting!!!!

p.s. Even though I have not updated my blog in a while; I still love blogs better than FB.


Great update, fun pics. If you ask on Facebook, naturally the response will be Facebook preference for news and updates. Not all are on Facebook. I will be looking forward to new designs and updates on your BLOG. :-)


I love your blog, darling!
Hugs and kisses.

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