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July 14, 2015


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Annette - California Stitcher

Thank you for the wonderful and FUN chart! I just love your designs.
Perfect fall day: The weather outside is chilly and all the leaves have turned. Having hazelnut coffee smelling my Apple Hill cake (recipe from Apple Hill, Placerville CA ) baking in the oven ( I only make it in the Fall/Holidays) and cross stitching a Plum Street design waiting for the cake to be done. Then watch Hallmark Fall movies all day while cross-stitching.
Perfect Fall day!!!
love Annette

Alice F.

The perfect fall day would be a trip to the apple orchard to pick apples and sample apple cider. Thanks for the very cool chart!


My perfect Autumn day would be cool weather and trees in beautiful array of colors.


Renee Frankish perfect day is waking up with the warm autumn sun shining stepping out on the patio to have my morning coffee smelling the fall setting into the air. My burning bush off the patio displaying it's bright red leaves with white and orange pumpkins surrounding it with beautiful yellow mums. Then going inside to put a my jeans, boots and sweater for the days activities. Hoping to return in the late afternoon to do some stitching in the bright sun before the sunsets drinking spice tea. And to end my perfect day... my husband and I sitting around our fire pit feeling warm and toasty agains the autumn chill.


Oh, my perfect day would Include a roaring fire, apple cider, and my favorite book.

Marilyn Brown

Since Fall usually doesn't arrive here in the desert until the first of November, we all look forward to cooler days and crisp nights!
Marilyn Brown


My perfect fall day is warm with a cool evening. I love to make apple crisp and pumpkin bread and have some with a cup of tea or even hot cider. I love the smells and the colors of fall.

Laurie Brown

Such a cute design! Love the pumpkin arms and legs!! My perfect Fall day is when the air is cool and crisp!!! The leaves are all sorts of colors and you can have a hot dog roast with s'mores for dessert!

Kim Mattox

My perfect fall day starts with a cup of coffee in the morning outside on our deck. It continues with a trip to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins, apples, go on a hayride, and have lots of fun. It ends with a bonfire & wienie roast in our backyard. Good times with friends and family.


My idea of a perfect fall day is a walk through the forest, with the leaves emblazoned with summer's colors waving goodbye, while the soft dripping of rain hits the leaves and the soft earth. Breathing deeply of the crisp air redolent of mossy earth, while catching a glimpse of birds spreading their wings against a deep blue sky. Nearby a stream babbles happily, while my beloved husband tells me he loves me.

Afterwards, coming home and being enveloped in the warm embrace of the house smelling of savory beef stew and a freshly baked loaf of bread, which co-mingles with the spicy, sweet scent of an apple pie cooling on the counter.

After changing into a soft, pillowy bear hug of a sweater and thick, cushy slippers, raising a glass of deep, cherry Burgundy wine with my Beloved and thinking that it really truly is the little things that make life special.

Pat Kokandy

My perfect autumn day was sunny, but cool enough that you are comfortable in jeans and a sweater. The trees are dressed in colorful autumn leaves. I am visiting the Parke County Indiana Covered Bridge Festival with my sister, my niece, and thousands of strangers in a holiday mood.
Thank you for the cute autumn chart. Looking forward to meeting you this weekend at Tomorrow's Heirlooms' seminar.


Thank you so much for the darling design, love it!!

My perfect fall day is goofing off in Erickson's Ranch pumpkin patch with my husband, kids, parents and my brother's family. We all go out together every year and pick a big wheel barrow of pumpkins to carve. We make goofy poses with each other and take lots of pictures. At night we all end up at my house putting the finishing touches on props for our Halloween yard haunt. We're all a little Halloween crazy in my family. ;-) We usually end up eating pizza as we dress skeletons and scarecrows way into the night.


The perfect Fall day.
A trip to the park where they have hayrides and carriage rides through the park.
The smell of the leaves.
And of course, who doesn't love Pumpkins.
My favorite are the white Pumpkins.
Pumpkins and Gourds and squash on display for sale.
Beautiful Fall flowers also.
Just the smell of Autumn!


My perfect autumn day is spent stitching and preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The house seems to come alive when we start to get ready for the holidays. I love to decorate the house for Halloween and Christmas. I guess on my perfect day, I would spend it finishing up stitched gifts and projects for my home. I stitch all year and finish all of my Chritmas ornaments in the fall just before I put up my Christmas trees... I usually do 3 with glass ornaments, one with special things for the kids, and one that has all hand-made ornaments.... Many of them are stitched.

carol martin

A fall day represents what the bountiful best that our year has had to offer; the promise of a land soon to earn its required rest; a time of equanimity; a time to epitomize our deeds and a continuation of the road we choose to see.

Jacqueline Hasenzahl

Autumn...I get to wear my favorite sweater and head outside. There is a chill in the air and that earthy smell of ripe apples, downed leaves and wood. Today is the day for a simmering pot of soup hmmm, maybe chili and a loaf of warm baked bread. Today I get to pick the pumpkins in my garden. It's time to change my outside decorations. I line the path with pumpkins, my rusty tin jack-o-lanterns and ghosts. I have the pots of mums ready from the farmers market the day before. Crisp leaves crunch under my footsteps as I clip a few pine branches and gather pinecones to fill an old weathered basket. If I only had some bittersweet branches.... It's time for a cuppa as I warm up next to the fireplace. My dog has found his favorite napping spot. I guess his old bones need to warm up too. I pull out my stitching. It's the perfect day to work on something fun, something fall. I've got it. The perfect pattern...Brew Haha.......

Barbara Ray

Thank you for the Brew HaHa chart -- he's such a cutie! My favorite fall day is going to an outside fair - a gentle breeze and leaves falling from the trees - looking at all the wonderful goods and finding special Christmas gifts.

Jan King

My favorite fall day would be the leaves changing slightly (not much of a change in south TX), a nice breeze blowing, me sitting on covered patio stitching on a Plum Street Sampler and sipping a cuppa and watching the squirrels forage for pecans from my tree and the birds singing their favorite song.

Kristen from MA

Thank you for the wonderful gift Paulette! I love it!

Fall is my favorite season. My perfect day involves sleeping in, having brunch (with good, hot coffee, of course), then a long, leisurely walk with my dogs down by the water. Having some leaves to crunch underfoot is especially satisfying. :)


Fall to me means college football and my favorite is when the weather is cool and crisp, tailgating with good friends as the sun begins to sink. Of course...this is after my Clemson Tigers have won!

Thanks for the new design.... Love it.

Lyneen Burrow

Warm apple cider, cinnamonny candle burning, pumpkin bars, the smell of woodsmoke. Cool enough to pull out the sweatshirt, beautiful mums on the front porch, bluegrass playing, and me siiting on screened back porch cross-stitching. Now that's a perfect Fall day in Indiana!!!


OMGoodness, thank you SO much for the free chart! I absolutely LOVE it! Since I live in the Northeast I get to experience many perfect autumn days. What I really love now is on my drive home along the reservoirs in the afternoon sun with a soft breeze blowing the autumn leaves slowly swirling down to the road in front of me...driving through that canopy of trees is really beautiful! Thanks for the generous giveaway! Best of luck to all :)
Smiles, DianeM


Thank you for the new chart! The perfect fall day is cool and crisp with blue skies and puffy clouds and leaves falling all around. A long walk in the woods then is perfect!

tracy cloyd

Funny how life has a way of changing you... For so long I would have said a trip to Gatlinburg TN with my family the smells... The cool crisp air... Clear water flowing through the city... And the gorgeous leaves. After the 2015 year... My arm surgeries... The DH with Cancer... Ian's the drama that has been at the house... I just want time... A pit fire... Family around close... And no drama... I would love to be able to comfortably stitch this fall with a pit fire and a warm cup of coffee... Fall is my favorite time of the year. Oh I just love coffee and love this happy coffee pumpkin guy I am running to kit him up and start him as soon as the arm will allow so he is on my fall tree. Thank you so much

Charlene in  PhxAz

After a long hot summer in Phoenix fall is all about sitting on the patio in my big overstuffed denim chair, boxer dog at my feet and reading or stitching. I would love this piece to stitch during that time for sure. It will be a cute addition to the table outside when we have our annual Thanksgiving time.

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