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July 14, 2015


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Fran C

The sun is shining but cool enough for a sweater and boots. The leaves are falling and covering the ground from the beautifully colored trees here in New England. We are out sitting by the fire place with family and friends enjoying the last of the backyard get together's before winter arrives.

jane lemm

Cool Crisp but sunny. The trees are showing off their beautiful color. Playing with the kids in the piles !

jane lemm

OOps forgot to say....Thanks for another great chart!

Sue Weddle

My perfect fall day is a hike in Glacier National Park. Taking pictures of big horn sheep, mountain goat, grizzly bears, and moose. I am inspired by the snowcapped mountains, that stands before me....I'm at peace as I stand before God's creations!


A perfect fall day..... crisp cool air, foggy in the morning but sun coming thru. A cup of coffee to watch the morning changing. Leaves of many colors on the trees and changing the ground to a patchwork quilt. Picking pumpkins and a hayride with the grandchildren. Sitting around a crackling firepit in the evening, with hot cocoa and s'mores, telling ghost stories, with a warm quilt wrapped around a small body in my lap, as they fall asleep, counting the stars. Family together, it just doesn't get much better than that! Thank you for the fun pattern!

Ann Reynolds

Perfection: scudding clouds, bright sunshine pouring through golden and red leaves and the smell of hot apple cider. That feeling that the world is turning and the seasons are changing. I go inside and go through my X stitch charts looking for something fallish to stitch. Find the perfect fabric and have all the called for floss. I stab my fabric and from start to finish not a frog in sight. Each X is perfect and not one knot to undo. Suddenly I hear a gentle snore. Well, really a snort and I am suddenly awake in my deck chair. There's a leaf stuck to my sweater. A horn blows, the neighbor waves and the cat wants in. Back to reality. But for a few minutes... perfection.

Thanks for the chart! Coffee and pumpkins, two of my favorite things. :D


Today (the 15th) is my birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better gift. I don't remember where I previously saw this chart (maybe on facebook), but I remember thinking I would love to have that chart. My birthday wish come true! Thank you Paulette!!!!!!

Perfect Autumn day would be a fire in the fireplace, snuggled up with a good book next to the picture window so I could look outside at the blowing leaves every once-in-a-while. AND on the table beside me that perfect cup of coffee. Of course the other option would be to replace the book with my favorite stitching of the moment piece. :D Thank you so much Paulette. Cathryn


A perfect fall day is when we go with friends to the forest to look for mushrooms and then we cook them with garlic and parsley as a garnish for barbecue.


Perfect Fall day. Hmm. Probably going into NYC with DH to enjoy a beautiful fall day, look at the fall colors in Central Park, maybe visit a museum and maybe a shop or two. :D Thanks for the chart -- so cute!

Paula from GA

Hiking near one of North Georgia's waterfalls through crisp, golden leaves to a pastoral picnic with my family. Then apple picking in the afternoon and home to drink hot chocolate and bake apple pies.

Sylvia Nash

A fall day at the cottage, leaves are turning, the lake it quiet, the firepit has no bugs and a mug of warm cider

Ana Roat

My perfect fall day...putting the summer stuff away and pulling out the fall decor. Raking leaves with grandkids and the boxer dogs in tow. Watching the kids help hubby put up lights. Chatting with neighbors. Bike rides in cool crisp air. Crockpots with comfort food, cuppa something warm and tasty and afternoon stitching on back patio. Life is good!

Thanks for the freebie and a chance to win!


The design is so cute! My perfect fall day includes admiring the changing colors of the trees, being outside in the cool air and needing a sweater, drinking warm tea while I'm wrapped up in a throw blanket and the low lights of a fire in the fireplace.

Judy Graves

My perfect Fall day is just around the corner. Here in Maine fall starts to show up in about mid August. The morning would be crisp and require a fleece or sweatshirt to have breakfast with the windows open. My love and I would walk in the woods and watch for grouse, deer, and maybe even moose. The leaves are already multi-colored and exquisite. Once home I'd pack my stitching bag and he'd gather his flies and we'd load everything in the Clacka and head out to Moosehead Lake and a day of fly fishing for him and relaxed stitching for me. If we're lucky we'll see eagles, if we're really lucky, John will have to battle them for the fish he catches! The sights and smells make fall stitching the very best of all! We don't keep the fish we catch -
it's all capture & release in our world so dinner will be moose burgers on the grill. Absolutely delish and a wonderful end to a cozy lovely day.


My perfect fall day is overcast, breezy and about 50'ish degrees. It is also a day either cruising the back roads of Door County Wisconsin, or walking around the old graveyard overlooking Shawme Pond in Sandwich Massachusetts. It is followed, of course, with a stop at a favorite restaurant for a nice bowl of hot soup or chowder, and if in Wisconsin, a side order of cheese curds. Perfection!

Diann Cornell

My perfect fall day is sunny with blue skies. It is cool enough to require a sweater. I imagine wading through piles of crunchy fallen leaves, and there are still lots of the leaves on the trees in bright autumn colors.


My version of a perfect fall day is from when I was a kid. My sisters and brothers and I used to make houses out of the leaves. Then we would rake them up and make a big pile and jump in them. They always smelled so good and back then the leaves could be burned in the ditches, it was wonderful to smell the smoke as the leaves burned.


october is my memory month met my husband on the 18th got engaged the next year on the 17 the air was clear and cool. the trees were bright and beautiful it was easy to fall in love.we will be married 55 yrs in august another almost fall month

Sandy Harwood

The cool evenings that allow you to sleep with the windows open. Watching all the birds as they begin their migration. Finding a good program on TV and stitching.

Frances N

My perfect Fall day is mild weather and walking outside, watching the geese and other pretty birds!

Jill Jensen

Fall is my favorite season! Cool air, sweaters, campfires you actually enjoy sitting by and pumpkin's the best!!

Sally Beckett

My perfect autumn day is a clear bright blue sky. Cool temps with a slight breeze. Getting ready for a big tailgate party at the Falcons game.

Bonnie Coles

The nice crisp air of Fall and pumpkins everywhere and a slice of pumpkin pie in front of me. A group of Plum Street charts to decide which to do first. Bonnie

Kim Bartkowski

My perfect fall day would be spent in Park City, Utah dressed in nice jeans and a great sweater. I would be at the Shephard's Bush retreat and able to take ALL the tracks including yours! I would also have a grande Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks to sip on. The first have of the day would be spent in class with the afternoon spent stitching with my girlfriends who came with me and we would be by a lovely fire.

Ahhh...if only. ;-)


Perfect fall day is a breezy day with leaves blowing gently around. A cup of pumpkin spice coffee to sip on. A fall pattern to stitch. Pumpkins strewn about the house and yard to gaze upon.
Thank you for the giveaway!!

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