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July 14, 2015


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Melissa  Cook

Adorable pattern. The perfect fall day is nice and cool and the leaves have changed colors so hubs and I can drive down Natchez Trace.

Mary Jane Moder

The perfect fall day... first a walk with my four-legged pal Woody and enjoying the fall colors in the leaves with a crisp breeze blowing, then settling in for Ohio State football - my husband watching while I peer occasionally over the top of my stitchy glasses at the tv while I work on this fun new design. Thank you for this great gift!

Brenda Olson

Taking my grandkids to green bluff to pick out their very own pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Getting them hot apple cider and me a pumpkin latte!!! Listening to the excitement all the way up there about how big of a pumpkin they are going to get. Then coming home and settling in the a cup of coffee and my cross stitching as I see it, it is a win win situation . Grandkids happy and tired and grandma getting to spend the rest of the day in her comfy chair doing what she likes best!!!😀


My perfect fall/autumn day is one I experienced in my childhood... When I was about 8-9. I remember we lived in Germany as my dad was in the forces, we often went out walking at weekends with our dog Bernie, a daschund. I remember going to our local woods next to the cemetery, it was so beautiful. Autumn is such a picturesque time, the colours of all the leaves on the ground, reds, oranges and golden all swirling around. I loved how they crunched under my feet as I walked. I used to pretend to bury our dog under huge piles of leaves... Then watch him shake all the leaves about when I whistled him. These were such happy memories for me, so this day was my perfect fall/autumn day :)

Liz Hallahan

My perfect Fall day? Hot apple cider and visiting the pumpkin patch, with my sisters and our kids-all 7 of them. Hopefully that patch is surrounded by bright yellow, orange and red leaved trees. Of course I live in California so this would take some planning. :-)

Connie Beach

My idea of a perfect autumn day would be a lazy day in the backyard, bundled up in a sweatshirt, cuddling the little dogs, and watching the leaves fall. Then finish up with a hot bowl of soup and the smell of the evening fires.


Perfect Fall Day--Fire in the fireplace-laughing and chatting with friends and family sipping a warm beverage-reading-stitching--an evening walk through the falling leaves.

karin levy

My perfect fall day is a crisp day with the leaves changing colors,and a cool breeze,perfect for a walk!!


Today it's 111 (heat index) here at the mission where I'm volunteering for a few weeks. So I'm delighted to turn my imagination to a crisp fall day! We live on a small lake and I love fall days when I can sit on my deck with a quilt to snuggle under, a fire to toast my feet beside, and a captivating book to get lost in! blessings, marlene

Ann Knudsen

My perfect fall day would be any Halloween! My husband and I create a haunted cemetery in our front yard, with tombstones, skeletons, and a ghost. Scary music and a fog machine add to the creepy atmosphere. I carve several jack-o-lanterns as well. I love it when the children come to our house for trick or treating. The little ones are so cute dressed up in their costumes!

Thank you for the great chart!

Laura Jamieson

My perfect fall day is getting my winter feral cat shelters made up and that the little darlings actually sleep in them before the first snowfall, all while trying not to sneeze my brains out from my fall allergies to dead leaves while doing it. Thank you for the chart it is adorable.


Thanks for the great chart. A perfect fall day is blue sky, sunshine, beautiful fall foliage and a chill in the air while browsing around a festival. Then home for a yummy warm bowl of soup. And into a comfy chair for an evening of stitching.


My perfect fall day is crisp and sunny!!!! A day where I can wear a nice sweater and a pair of boots. a day at the apple orchard picking apples. A nice drive to look at the leaves. maybe a nice dinner at a restaurant with a toasty fire in the fireplace. All of these combined make up the perfect fall day.


My perfect fall day would be spent up at our cottage in northern Ontario. I would wake up to pancakes for breakfast and then go for a long bike ride. Lunch would be over the outdoor fire (maybe pie irons) followed by a nice long nap and some reading in our sunroom. After dinner a bonfire and then inside for some pre- bedtime stitching by the fireplace. Lots of hot chocolate and cookies as well!! Perfection!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

MaryJo Moulding

My day would be sitting on my patio in the shade on my chaise lounge playing with my 2 yr.old(yesterday) granddaughter. Afty. And if and when she fell
Asleep,,stitch. Love that little girl!

MaryJo Ut.

Denise Powers

My perfect fall day is sunny and still a bit warm. I would be going to the corn maze with my grandchildren. A special treat after all that walking would be apple cider and glazed donuts.


My perfect fall day would be when the air is just becoming brisk. It isn't cold enough for a jacket but just long sleeves. I am sitting on my patio in my rocker sipping on a hot cup of Hazelnut coffee. The leaves are all ablaze with the colors of brilliant red, squash yellow and a butterscotch gold. Just gorgeous. As I sit there with my babies lying at my feet, I don't have a care in the world but to live in that very moment. I am so ready for fall.

Connie Bechtold

Covered Bridge Festival always starts on the first Friday of October and lasts for 10 days! So my favorite Fall day is getting together with friends, driving together to the Festival and breathing in the autumnal air. The smells are fabulous! There are wonderful food stands, cinnamon rolls, the smell of wood smoke from the fires cooking the navy bean soup, pies and icecream. Hot chocolate if it is cooler outside. The smell of hay, the leaves, the beautiful colors of leaves on the trees, driving through the country, the stands with all of the Fall decorations. The antique stands are so interesting! We are gone all day long and have a wonderful time. Then we head home, exhausted but satisfied, showing our family all of our "finds". What a fun day!


A drive through Autumn leaves to State College, PA, tailgating while my son mans the grill and cheering Penn State on to victory.

Debbie Kos

My perfect autumn day is going to the pumpkin patch and picking out pumpkins for each of my kids and grandbabies.. I also get small pumpkins to hollow out and fill with my grandmothers recipe for "pumpkin Mash" (mashed potatoes and Hamburg) and make that for supper after going to the pumpkin patch
While supper is cooking we decorate outside for Fall 😃

Kana Conger

My perfect fall day: I'm dressed in a sweater, jeans and boots. I'm in southern
Vermont with my friend Meleen and the green mountains of Vermont are covered in orange, yellow and red foliage. Some warm tea and a fresh, warm spiced donut go well together for our early morning outing!! It's a perfect day!! I could go on, but will stop. Thx for the chance to win and also for the free design!

Kris Stutz

Oh, I love a nice fall day with a slight cool breeze. A big cozy sweater and my Uggs. A nice walk with my dog and then home to curl up in front of the fireplace with my dog, my stitching, a nice book and some hot chocolate with marshmallows! Goodness, I can't wait for Fall!

Thank you for the chart! It is adorable and I can't wait to stitch it!


My favorite fall days is and has been for at least 15 years going to the Annual Wine and Harvest Festival in Cedarburg, Wisconsin - beautiful colors, wine and fine artisans from all over the country!! Hayrides, games for the kids - a wonderful time for all!

Janice harwell

My perfect fall day would be sitting on the back porch, stitching a Plum Street Sampler.


Walk with the dog and warm Apple cider. 🍎

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