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July 14, 2015


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Sharon Shetley

Leaves are turning from golden yellow to a burgundy so dark it is almost black; going on a ride with my husband to the Sierra foothills to get apples, have some hot cider sitting by the fire to keep warm, there is a first sprinkling of snow on the ground ~ perfect day

rebecca franks-fjelstad

Merci! LOVE this funky & fun Pumpkin man. Perfect Fall day~ sleep in (after staying up late the night before stitching) all cuddled up with handmade quilts, stay in PJ's until at least 11 am. Coffee with caramel machhiato creamer and 8 sugers, pinterest and magazine reading with Gladys & Honeybear snuggled by my side... shower around 1pm, dress in yoga pants and make a qwik starbucks run, pick up the kiddos from school. Stitch through dinner (leftovers for the fam) and take a steaming hot bath before bed , ahhh

Judy Lykins

My perfect fall day is a family tailgate before, or after, a football game! It has been a family tradition for over 43 years, starting the third generation.


Perfect fall day is a long walk in the woods crunching all the colored falling leaves!

Beth L.

Thank you for the chart. My perfect fall day is cool and crisp and clear. Beautiful colors as the leaves turn and sometimes a bit of woodsmoke in the air as folks light up their wood stoves. That was what it was like when I lived in Maine. Here in Pennsylvania probably no woodstoves goings but the rest is true. I love to go to the farm stands and buy apples and fresh pressed cider. And search for the perfect pumpkin. And in the evening settle in for some stitching.


OMG, I love love love this chart!!!

My perfect day would be walking with hubby and a dog (we're looking to adopt) through the woods down to the lake. Then coming home and enjoying some hot spiced cider. My favorite time of year!

Christel W

Thank you for the wonderful chart! I think this will be fun to stitch. A perfect fall day is when the leaves have all changed colors, the air is crisp, the sky is blue and sunny and we go to a local craft fair or apple stirrin festival were we have some delicious hot cocoa or hot apple cider. At home, I have something yummy cooking in the crockpot for dinner. We eat dinner and then I get cozy on the couch down in the family room with my fleece blanket, some stitching, a hot cup of coffee, and a movie on TV with the gas fireplace going. Or we have a bonfire in the evening, cook some hotdogs, make s'mores and the kids run around having fun. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.


Love it!!


The perfect autumn day has us pulling on sweaters for the for the chill in the air and brilliant colored leaves reflected in a flooded cranberry bog with the freshly harvested cranberries floating on the surface .

Judy Kepler

Ahhhh...Autumn. My favorite time of the year! The coolness of the air is so inviting and I find it exciting that the yard work, weeding and gardening are done for the year! The house is filled with the warmth of the oven and wonderful smells of baking. Best of all...I now have time to settle into my stitching chair and enjoy linen and thread till my hearts content!!

Deborah Lynch

my perfect fall day is just cool enough for jeans and a light weight jacket, sunny, the tress bursting with color...a walk along a still pond and the trees reflecting off the surface of the water. maybe sitting by the pond with my husband just relaxing and enjoying the sights and sounds.

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