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July 14, 2015


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Donna Rae Barrow

My perfect fall day... sweater and scarf and boots, driving through the country with the family, leaf peeping, stopping to amble through the pumpkins in the patch and picking the perfect one (or three!), visiting a friend or two on the way home, relaxing by an outdoor fire with mugs of hot cider and pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

Now I'm ready for Autumn's arrival!!!

(Thank you so much for the precious Brew-Haha! chart... can't wait to stitch it up!)

Tina Grace

We're at the zoo on a chilly, sunny, crisp sweater-weather day. My grandson in tow, already wearing his Halloween costume (Fred Flintstone) in his stroller. A venti iced chai tea latte to boot. Thinking about heading home and handing out candy.

Debby King

A cool brisk day in a cozy sweater taking my dogs for a walk on the beach:)

Erin D

Hockey on the TV, fire in my fireplace, crisp clear air outside, something yummy in the oven and stitching in my hand!

Love that jaunty pumpkin and I feel like I need all of the Stars Hollow linen!! <3 me some Gilmore Girls!

Nataly K

My definition of the perfect fall day is when its cool and the air is crisp. I love when the leaves just start falling from the Trees in a beautiful array of color. Talking a hike through a forest of color and reaching the summit to find a beautiful canvas of color.

Jan Caldwell

My perfect fall day would be taking a drive in the country with the windows rolled down and smell that fresh fall scent

Kay Campbell

Taking my granddaughter for an adventure walk in our neighborhood. Crisp air, cool sun, kicking through the gorgeous red, gold, orange leaves. Enjoying it all, making memories, and then heading home for a snack of cold apple cider and sugar cookies.


My perfect Fall day is a trip to the local apple orchard for an apple slushy. Then home to stich in front of a fire with a cup of tea!
Love your pattern!

nicola b

My perfect fall day is sitting outside sewing
And enjoying the fall colors

Christy Matuszeski

My perfect fall day is watching the hubby rake leaves into a big pile and then watching the dogs frolic through the piles 😈

Terry Anderson Robinson

My perfect fall day would be a walk in the woods in the northeast with the leaves falling in all the beautiful colors and then sitting in front of a fireplace to take the chill off and cross stitching to my heart's content.

Mary Schreiner

My perfect fall day is drinking coffee on the porch while listening to music (Neil Diamond preferably), decorating the house and yard for fall, raking leaves and having some homemade chicken and noodles for dinner. Heaven!

Peggi Anneken

In my perfect fall day the air is crisp, but still able to crack the windows a bit, but you can feel winter coming. I am relaxing and looking out my window seeing the colorful leaves, stitching and sipping a cup of spiced tea.


Crisp and cool....starting of off with a hot cuppa...then spending it with my husband and boys (including Panzer), whether it be working in the yard, at the baseball fields, or taking a hike. Let's polish it off with a warm homemade comfort meal (fresh baked pie for dessert of course) and sitting by the fire with my stitching.

Charlene in SC

Ah, a crisp nip in the air, autumn color in the trees, Carolina Panthers on TV, and stitching in my lap!
Charlene in SC


My perfect fall day starts with the kids and grandkids going to the local apple orchard. And then coming back to our house to rake leaves into big piles, to jump in, then in for some hot cocoa or hot apple cider with apple cider donuts. Yum! Yum! Then off to bed in the flannel sheets. Thank you for the freebie, I adore it.

Pat Kemblowski

My perfect fall day would be a cup of coffee and being at my LNS with my stitching gals all together laughing inside as the wind is howling outside through the colorful leaves.


My perfect fall day would be sitting by the fire stitching on a Plum Street Samplers design while viewing the beautiful fall foliage outside my window.Of course my mug of Hazelnut coffee is close by my hand. Fall days are always glorious here in the mountains of Virginia and I( can't wait for them to get here.


Forgot to say that the Stars Hollow fabric will be perfect to stitch on while drinking my coffee from my Stars Hollow mug.

Karen Torres

This is just too stinkin cute! Thanks for the chart! My perfect fall day is spending the day with my 7 grands at the pumpkin patch. Watching them melt in their flannel shirts (that we insist they wear for photos) under the sweltering California sunshine :)


My perfect Autumn day is having coffee and pumpkin bread or scones for breakfast. Then driving in the country to find a place to pick pumpkins and apples and then go to a winery with my hubby to sample new wines and enjoy the smell of Autumn and cool air. We then go for a walk and make sure to crunch lots of leaves!
After all of this fun we find our way home and enjoy the stew that I put in the Crock Pot in the AM. ( I call mine Alice. Closest thing to a maid I will ever have!) I then bake some ginger kringle cookies that I enjoy hot out of the oven with a cup of coffee ( freshly ground beans) while I stitch into the wee hours of the night!
Pure Autumn bliss!

Deborah Schroder

A clear blue sky with the windows open and pumpkin bread in the oven.


My perfect autumn day is a drive out to the lake with a venti pumpkin spice latte, a blanket and a good book to read.

Kellie Sandidge

grabbing a sweatshirt as we go out the door to head to the local high school football game on a Friday night in the school system where both my husband and I work, cheering on our Hawks while sipping hot chocolate from the concession stand, seeing friends and enjoying time as a family in our sweet small town--perfect way to start a fall weekend! Thanks for the chart and thanks for the chance to possibly win the prize. :)


Thanks for the great chart! Perfect autumn day: drinking morning coffee on the balcony in the cool air, fluffy clouds in the sky, lovely colours on the trees, sit and stitch for a while, read over lunch, ride the bike along the river and stop somewhere for a drink, stitch in the evening while watching a favourite series, snuggle under the eiderdown and feel it warming up, read a while, drift off...

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