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December 18, 2014


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Susan Rainer

"...ants in our sampler pants..." made me snort out loud in laughter. Beautiful job, ladies! This is always one of my favorite blog posts of the year. :)

Sharon McQuistion

I just love your family stories and, as always, stitching is exquisite! Merry Christmas!

Pam Lacey

Wow! I truly love both of the projects that the two of you stitched! As always, Jill Rensel just does magnificent work! I look forward to the release of your pattern. How blessed the two of you are to have this to look forward to each year. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!


Those are both so beautiful. And you have the best sense of humor of any designer around!


WOW! What wonderful samplers, what a wonderful tradition and what a wonderful sense of humor. Both samplers are beautiful and the framing is totally Jill.


Wow they are both beautiful and Jill did an amazing job as always.


It wouldn't be Christmas without you posting about your exchange. Both pieces are gorgeous!!! Can't wait to get Merry Brew into my q-snaps!!! Hope you and your Mother have the most wonderful holiday.

Carlene Sidel

Both of the samplers are beautiful, but I especially love the one your mom did.

Pat Henningfeld

I guess I'll have to wait for Merry until fall. Love it. But what is the pattern of you mom's sampler. Could stitch in the meantime. Happy holidays. Love colonial gatherings.


What a wOnderful exchange. I love to see what you've stitched for each other. What a special tradition.


lol! You make it worthwhile to see the lovely exchange again between your mom and you even if I'd already seen it on IG. Great post, and I think the design you made for your mom should make up for any Garden Glade debacle you still might be feeing. :D


I just love seeing what you two stitch for each other each year. Truly works of art! You never disappoint! Not familiar with your moms choice, but I love what you designed for her! Another hit!

Judy Starkey

Love them both, always enjoy seeing this each year. So glad you both have time for each other..that is what is most important. And I love your designs!

Robin in Virginia

Always enjoy seeing the samplers you and your Mom stitch for each other. I love the piece she stitched for you (I have one that hangs up all year in my house that was stitched by a stitching pal of mine) and I love the Merry Brew one.

Enjoy your weekend!


Oh Paulette, I fell in LOVE with your Merry Brew. The love for your mother just shines through! Of course Jill's finishes enhance both stitching pieces. I think this is the most wonderful tradition I've ever heard. I look forward to it every year. Thanks so much for sharing it again. Cathryn


What a great exchange! I really like the piece you designed!! Jill's framing really set it off as well. I love the photos and captions, too funny!


How fun! It is always a highlight of my year to see what you and your Mom have stitched for each other. What a sacred tradition! Count me in on the waiting list for Merry Brew!!!! I can't wait to stitch it!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!


Beautiful & I will be looking forward to Merry Brew release!


Great Exchange! I think I have the one your Mom stitched for you in my stash, languishing... (but maybe not for much longer... you know, once you see it...). Jill Rensel is a framer extraordinaire! I love seeing my Rosemarkie every day--she did such an excellent job! Merry Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family! Hugs!


I love Merry Brew. Your mom is one of the best. I am just sorry that she and I lost touch.

Denise Patterson

I love your tradition! Both are beautiful. Can anyone identify Paulette's Mom's sampler?



What a fun exchange :-)!!!!!!!!!!! Love the piece your mom stitched for you and Merry Brew is fabulous.

Sharon Long

I love seeing what you two stitch for each other every year! What fun and always you two stitch such beautiful pieces. Every year I am inspired! Now Paulette, you had to know we we were going to beg you for that wonderful design! Also, what is the name of the piece your mom stitched for you? Did I miss it?

Sheryl Hicks

I love this time of year to see what the two of you came up with. You and your Mom always do beautiful gifts and the framing is amazing. Merry Christmas to you both


Oh friend, you crack me up! Garden. Glade. Bahahaha. Absolutely beautiful exchange pieces! You know how I envy this tradition you and MM carry on! Merry Christmas! xoxo

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