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October 07, 2014


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WANT!!!! But alas, not in the Google App Store for us non-iPhone users. Sad....


Ack! Now I need an iPad!!!! I'd love it for my Kindle Fire!!


This is absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sharing!!!!!


Wow! Just what I needed to keep tabs on my enormous stash of PSS charts, as well as those "other" designers and fabric and threads! Thank you for sharing the information and pass along my thanks to Jeff!


What a great idea...may have go and install it now and try it out :)

Sally M

would love this App, but need to wait for my new iPhone, my old one can't have ios 7 :(

Kristen from MA

Holy moly, do I need this! I have all of my charts logged in a spreadsheet on my laptop, which isn't much use when I'm out and about. To have all that info on my phone?! Yes, please.

(And let me tell you, my usual policy is free apps only, but this one is definitely worth paying for.)


Me want, too!!!

Only I've got an iPad 1 which can't even upgrade to iOS 6, let alone 7.1 :-( So now I just have to convince certain people that I really, really do need an iPad Air, I really do.
I know, I'm hopelessly out of date but I've never seen any reason to throw out something that's working fine just because it's old. Which is probably why I have got a ton of charts I'll never stitch!

Thanks for mentioning this.


I downloaded that App last week! The only thing I wish (maybe you can ask Jeff!) is that it had a category for Magazines!

Brenda A

Oh I have that! I really only use it for the journaling feature though. Since I have an android phone I find myself using the FLoss Checklist on that much more for floss. :)

Carol S.

Ok, I downloaded the app this morning after reading about it here, and cannot for the life of me figure out how it works.

Where is the list of designers/charts? When I click on the inventory section, there's no list, nothing loads (despite leaving it sit for several minutes). No threads or linens listed, either.

I feel stupid. What am I doing wrong? The support info/FAQs in the app are not helping me either.


Carol S.


Love it, please send Jeff a big thank you! Hours of fun putting everything in, but it is easy to work and I love being organised. The only down side is that thread makers will see their profits drop as I stop duplicating my purchases! 😃


Now if Jeff could invent something to transfer my long stash list from my old app to this one......

Stitching Noni

Thank you Jeff for such a fanstic idea! This looks brilliant, and is just want I have been looking for! No more sitting in front of my stash trying to develop any easy way to track everything.... And have it mobile for when going out shopping!
I am going to dowload it shortly and spend a few hours entering in everything.... Of course it would be really great if the app did the entering itself while I stitched!!
Thank you Pauette for sharing this app.... I can't wait to try it out!
Hugs xx


Do you know whose design in the picture is? It actually looks like one that you could have designed and I love the doggies. Would love for that one to be the first in my add to stash list.


Another vote for an android version. No i-anything in this house.


Thanks for the great app! I know what you mean about duplicates:-) downloaded this afternoon on my IPad & loading so much already! I love being organized & this is great for us gals/guys who are particular if you know what I mean;-)

Thanks for sharing Paula!!


Oh wow! I'm going to go check that out right now!


Woohoo thank you dear friend :-) <3!!!!! I do love the app!!!!

Cathy D

I love this app! It was great to take to my LNS to shop for needed items. I've entered all of my threads. Still have to add everything else. It's another WIP, but definitely not a UFO. :-)

Janet C

Please talk him into an android version. No I-anything in this house either. And I have enough stash for a store!


Have just downloaded the app to my iPad, and so far have only added my Plum Street Sampler charts, but absolutely loving it already!

Carol, you may have worked it out already, but when you are in the inventory section/charts & kits you need to select the edit icon in the top right hand corner. All will become clear then. :)


Thanks for sharing! I downloaded the app, and put my current project on it. I will have to spend some time adding more things to this. What a great idea. However, I can see spending stitching time adding to this.... lol.

Pam hoerner

You are a hoot! I think I need this too for my iPad ! That little black book works for so many notes and inspirational ideas. I hope you are using yours! Been thinking of you. Wow, Sophie sure has the grown up look these days. Guess it was bound to happen. Keep your eye on her or I should say, on her admirers!



Thanks for sharing! I downloaded this almost instantly after reading your post. It's going to be fun getting everything loaded. It's going to be especially nice to have my wish list, shopping list and inventory in one spot and with me when I'm out and about. Sure beats hunting for little scraps of paper with scribbled notes. Love it!!!

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