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August 02, 2014


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I had no idea Mike broke his leg! Glad he's able to move around some! Hope you didn't get buried under board games while he recuperated!


Aren't moms great! They just know when you need that break!

Both you and your mom have great green thumbs!!!! Both your
gardens/flowers are beautiful. I just don't have time for that in my yard.
It's too much. Work for me especially in the hot Texas sun!

Sounds like you all had a happy fourth and are having a great summer!


Paulette, good for you to take time off! Great advice from your mom! The year is going by so fast. I can't believe how much Sophie has changed. She is a beautiful young woman, as are all of you girls:) Mike is a lucky man! Looking forward to market but understand it must be a busy time for you.

Lynn J

I'm so glad you've been having such a relaxing summer! Your mom's advice was a very good idea and perhaps you should do that every summer. You both have such wonderful gardens! Try as I might, I don't seem to have a green thumb.
Glad to hear that Mike is recuperating so quickly. Having had my hip replacement in May I know how it feels when you can't get around on your own. I am finally driving again, yahooo!
I'm sure you have a busy time ahead of you with market coming up but with your batteries recharged you should feel so much better. I loved all your pics. Thanks for sharing!

Ronda Tedder

What a lovely summer!


So glad you were able to "take a break" and fill your days with other things! Love your day lilies and the bird houses nestled in the hedges. Love the trellis and fencing in Mom's yard and the little jingle bell bugs, too!
Sometimes you have to take a step back and breathe.


I have missed your updates. Sorry about Mike's leg, and I cannot believe Sophie is already starting High School!

Barbara Sturtz

I was also sorry to hear Mike had a broken leg but it's good you took a break from blogging for the's good to push off now and then and regroup. Sophie has changed so much and is looking more like her beautiful sisters day by day....


Enjoy reading your blog and always look forward to your newest designs. Your flowers along with your mothers are simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the remaining months of summer!

Laura Duet

Really gorgeous photos of your summer! Glad you took some time to recharge!!!!


Glad you've had the break you needed, taking care of an immobile man is lots of work ;-). Hope he's up and around on his own soon. Sophie is a beauty, she's getting so grown up :-)!!!!!!!!!


Moms advice is always such a blessing in our lives....taking a break is a must! We all are better for glad to hear hubby is healing well! Enjoy the rest of Summer and many blessings for a fantastic Fall.....loved your flowers!


Happy to hear that everyone is doing well, and that you are feeling refreshed! YOur mom is wise, you were smart to listen. And your garden is lovely! Working in my garden gives me the quiet alone time I need to praise God for his amazing creations that provide such joy and wonder to me. Anxious to see your market releases.


1. WOW! When I saw the pic of Sophie standing by herself in a 4th pic at your parents - I though she was Sabrina or Bre... then I went WOW that's Sophie!
2. Love your mom's cactus plant.
3. So happy your mom recognized you needed to take a 'hiatus'. That's always so good for everyone. Thanks for all you do. :) Cathryn


Such beautiful pictures. They spoke words to me. Lovely. Sophie is gorgeous - I can't believe these years are going so fast. Wasn't she just turning double digits?! Sorry to hear about Mike's leg :( My mom broke her leg after a fall the week school ended and she still is homebound - recovering but it's a slow progress. So glad your Mom told you to take a break ... we all need time to be. time to inhale life because it just moves too fast. Love to you, Paulette.


I'm glad you are feeling refreshed and ready for the fall to come. Poor Mike! Yikes! Lovely Sophie! I can't believe she's going to start high school. How did that happen! She's a beautiful young lady. And your pictures -- always you take gloriously beautiful pictures. Just like your samplers and designs. You have one smart mom. Hooray for her! Can't wait to see what's up for market! Don't work too hard though!

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