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June 19, 2014


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Oh, my, way to goMike! A broken leg I two places! A co worker just came back to work this week...spiral break. To her leg. She's finally got a boot on it to help her get around!

Have fun in Chicago!!!

Tammy West Liberty, OH

Hope your hubby heals well & have a great time! It looks patriotic what you will be teaching in class & that is right up my alley! Wish I could be there! I am so looking forward to "The Crowned Bird" since last year & can't wait to receive it!!! Keep up the good work!;-)


So sorry to hear of Mikes broken leg thoughts & prayers for a quick recovery.
Great pattern releases,love the red house.

Kristen from MA

Oh no Big Papa! Hope the leg heals quickly and that Mike doesn't drive you crazy Paulette!

Yay for the new releases! I've waited very patiently for the Crowned Bird. :)

Have fun in Chicago!


Wow, 12 screws and plating! That was one giant fall. Good luck with your nursing duties and have fun on retreat. I'll get to meet you in Oct.

Robin in Virginia

Sorry to hear about Mike's fall and injury! Sending good thoughts for a full recovery! Enjoy your time at Inspired Needle.


Just reading about Mike's injury is painful! Hoping for a speedy recovery for him. Your new patterns are terrific! Hope your trip to Chicago is inspirational!


So sorry to hear about Mike's injury. I'm sure Sophie will do just fine filling in for you while you're away. But does this mean he will be trapped in the house the whole time you're gone?? That might be a problem! Maybe some drugs to knock him out until you return??!

I was so excited to see your new releases!! I have waited a long time for Crowned Bird's release and I think I will have to start it as soon as it's in my hot little hands!! Please disregard the huge pile of WIPs I have languishing in the corner. LOL!! Laura

Eszter / SubRosa

♄Wonderful samplers♄


Ow! Poor Mike! Hope he heals quickly!

Love the new releases!

Debbie Glaeser

So sorry about your husband's injury! You better buckle-up this will be a looong ride for you!!!! The designs are great as usual please tell me I won't have to wait a year for the new "Liberty Inn" I just can't wait to start stitching this one. Please let everyone know maybe before you leave the status of "Liberty Inn" Have a fun and safe trip. Debbie


How awful... a broken leg! I broke my ankle (twice) and that was no fun, but his injury sounds much worse. So sorry that happened.
Love the new samplers and as always will be looking for turbo needles to stitch all the new stuff you are coming up with (esp. this last year! wow!) Thanks for a lovely new project to look forward to!


So sorry to read about Mike's injury! Here's hoping that the healing process goes by quick! Hopefully he can entertain himself with enough games in the mean time.

Lynn J

Oh wow, you really do have a lot going on around there! Tell Mike I'm so sorry to hear of his injury. I feel for him as I am home recovering from my hip replacement. No driving for me for at least 8 weeks so my hubby is the chauffeur here. At least I am able to put full weight on my leg.
I suspect you might actually have been looking forward to getting away for a day or two, lol!
I'm looking forward to your new releases. The Pink House Sampler is winging its way to me as I write and I know the Crowned Bird will be next!

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