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May 20, 2014


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Love your story photo montage. lol! Love the sampler too! Of course. Beautiful colors, so soft!

Witch of Stitches

Love this; my favorite colors are pink and black! The sampler is wonderful.

becca green

What a good sport she is. That was so entertaining!
Thanks for bringing a SMILE to my house today!


Ha that is too cute. xx

Lori Brechlin

you girls are a hoot! sweet post that tickled my funny joe today ~ love the sampler!

Lori Brechlin

FUNNY BONE!!!!! blasted auto-correct!!!! LOL

Carole Watkins

Brought a chuckle to my morning!

Gwen Schooley

What a good sport Sophie is! We should all be so lucky to have our life and handiwork remembered so imaginitively, very cute!


OMG, I LOL when I scrolled to see Sophie in the baby carriage! Your story reminded me of making Blueberry Boy Bait coffee cake. My DSL asked me why it was named that. I explained, 'back in the day', girls baked to show off their cooking skills to catch a man. He kinda snorted and said my DD would have been an old maid! (She can bake,... but cooking - not so much)


Quite story, I loved it. I also love the new sampler...definitely on my to-do list. I'm in the middle of stitching your 1837 Crown Sampler pattern and thoroughly enjoying it.


Sure hope Sophie doesn't end up marrying a guy who wears lipstick! Those pics were great!!!

Faye Morris

Delightful story and photos! Perfect for this lovely stitchery.


OMG too much fun!!!! I love the sampler too ;-).


Loved the story and love the sampler even more! It is beautiful! I also love your sneak peek of your Inspired Needle project. It's gorgeous! I wish I could attend.


Your story and visuals (good job Sophie!) are hilarious. Thank you both for the chuckle.


That was such fun!! Your Sophie is a great little actress/model :)

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