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March 26, 2014


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Kathy Furlong

Oh......the love of a family makes anyplace feel like home!! I know it was a bittersweet parting but I also know you are so proud!! Sophie did a great job! Be well!!


Sounds like an eventful time. Just visited my son & his new bride to be in their new home & to see that our children can leave the nest & spread their wings is a wonderful feeling. Beautiful place & hope goes well for you all. Looking forward to your new design as always.

God Bless,
Tammy (West Liberty, OH)

Mindi Bruner

Love the apartment, it looks so cozy! I recognize some of those rock formations, especially the last one (image 281), its right outside of Pine Bluffs. I passed it many time driving from Cheyenne out to the missile field (and it was also at the spot we'd stop at for gigantic cups of coffee).

Penny Houser

What a fabulous apartment! I just love the floors, brick walls and that wonderful tub. You are so blessed to have your sweet family. Looking forward to your new release.

Robin Sutton

Love, love, love the apartment and the sweetness that went into the set up. But, am I going nutty? I thought Tilly was a tortoise and belonged to Sophie. This cat has white and is with you have 2 cats named Tilly? Just a random question. LOL


Love it!! And for hanging I highly recommend the 3m command strips! We just moved into our new house and I'm hesitant to put holes in the walls yet so we've been using the strips. Love them!


Loved that picture of the formations!

What a great. Find in apartments! And bre's furniture fits just right there! It all
Looks so cozy! And isn't it great to have family there to help? ❤️


The apartment looks so cozy! Love the pictures of your journey across the state. Made me homesick as I grew up in southeastern Nebraska, but always loved the hills in the western part of the state.


What a great post! What a great apartment! Isn't it amazing how us parents and younger siblings always get dragged into helping with the moving? lolol! Love the pics of Tilly. Such a cutie!


Robin, yes our family has two lovely cats named Tilly. Bre has her Tilly and Sophie has Queen Tilly the black tortie. It was very fun getting Breanna moved in and set up in her apartment.

Kristen from MA

What a cool apartment! Those floors are gorgeous.

Bonus: cat feets! :D


I also recommend the 3M Command Strips. They work very well. Just make sure you read the instructions and follow them - especially when it says to stick them and not hang anything on them for an hour. That hour makes a difference!! LOL And, go ahead and buy the ones that hold the most weight. Best wishes to Bre. This is an exciting time for her and everyone in the family. I can't wait to see what sampler goes up on the wall - LOL


Love Bre's new place!!!!!! I hope it brings many happy memories for her :-). Sweet pictures of Tilly too!!!!!


Paulette, Your photos are always so great. They tell a story. I LOVE the picture of the shadows of the truck and trailer on the Nebraska landscape. The other landscapes are beautiful too. Breanna has a wonderful place and it was made so cozy by all of you working together. It will be a wonderful home for her and Tilly. Once again I am so grateful for your generous sharing of your family. God bless you and yours. Cathryn


Way to go on Bre's new place! Very quaint and charming.


What an awesome space for your sweet girl!


A beautiful new home, blessed with the love of family, and yes that cat has adorable feet! Great pics, thanks for sharing!


What a sweet place. It already looks complete and polished and she just moved in! Best wishes to her and Tilly in their new home.


Very nice!

Command strips may work to hang things since a nail won't go into the wall.

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