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January 29, 2014


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Jenny Stewart

Watched that series a couple years ago. LOVED it! So glad you did too!!

Gwen Schooley

Dorcas, you are so funny! I've been indulging in the series while stitching, such fun. Beautiful design as always, Paulette! Keep em coming!

Wendy TC

Among my friends, my daughter and I are the only ones who even know Lark Rise to Candleford! Glad to know there are fans out there. I love how Queenie talks to her bees. Hated to see the series end, and the book on which it is based is not at all like the series. Nice kit. Love the way the beehive is stitched. Stitching is my one weakness...


I've never even heard of the series, but I will say that I love the Beekeeper!!!! It's a must have!


OMG. Paulette, I love this! You have to stop -- you're making me poor. lol!

Gillie Kilner

Read the book years ago as a teenager. Love the design but am so sad it will only be a kit, just not in my budget.

Libbie :@

Beautiful, bees are the life force of the earth!


I love this show! I think I'm the only one of my friends who does. And I love Queenie! Hope to get this kit! Ok now I have to go re-watch some Larkrise.


Wonderful pattern I love so much bees too!


Too sweet!!!!!! I love it :-).


Love The BeeKeeper and have it already on order. Looking forward to the next reveal so I can ask my shop to order those while she is getting the "Bee" kit.


I will definitely reserve one of the kits. I have in my collection the entire series of Larkrise To Candleford. My husband and I love it, but still have not found time to completely finish watching it, which we need to do very soon. I am sure you have probably watched these, but I will recommend anyway Road to Avonlea and Emily of New Moon. They are also wonderful series. Chocolate is my one weakness!


Hi Paulette, Love the series! I have watched on our PBS stations here and there. Recently, one of them started the series over - I finally get to watch from the beginning. Love the design - I love bee designs and have "bee things" in my kitchen. This may have to join them!


Cute new design Paulette! Love it! Thanks for the show recommendation. I'll have to wait on it since it's not on Netflix Streaming but I've been debating jumping on Amazon Prime. We'll see.

Stitching Noni

I love Queenie!! Such a great series... And you know cross stitch charts are my one weakness!! :)


I think you are now the subject of financial classes.. They are warning people against checking your blog lest they have to file bankruptcy. I also think Starbuck's is putting twice the espresso in your coffee!


Love the series as well. Dorcas and Queenie their personalities are so different yet in many ways the same. Adorable sampler!


Super design - hope you have a good market at Nashville.

Kathy furlong

I'm so stressed knowing thus us a limited kit I might not be able to get!!! I don't have a local shop so I better start looking for one that's going to market!!!


I love the design!! ( it´s a pity I can´t find it in Spain) Good luck in Nashville!!


Bees, bees! I found The Beekeeper kit and have reserved it!

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