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December 17, 2013


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Melissa Cook

Aww he's adorable! The Doctor Who geek in me loves that you call him fez he just needs a bowtie. I'm sure Tilly will grow to love him.

Karen Herndon

Having grown up with black cats, I think you have made a wise choice. :)

I think you might want to reconsider the milk, though.

Good luck and hope we get lots of pix of your two adorable kittehs!

Karen H.

Karen Herndon

Oh, and just wanted to let you in on a kitty factoid.

Black cats are the least likely to be adopted. Torties are the next least likely.

You're a good kitteh mom. :)

Karen H.


Karen H.,
Thank you so much for the information about the dairy! That's good to know. :)

P.S. Theresa Venette of Shakespeare's Peddler helped me make the decision for each of these adoptions, and she said the same thing about black kittens being the least-adopted. That's so sad!


I have two black dogs and we all think you
Made a wise choice ! Joann

April Taylor

Fizz is so cute!!! I love all that black long fur!!!


That beast has unreasonable amounts of cute :O

Kim Bartkowski

He is too cute. What a great addition to the family.


Well you know Fezziwig has already won my heart. lol -- I love how he looks after a long nap. Oh my gosh! My question is how does Tilly Roux like Fezz? Hope she's happy with the little thing.


Oh I love a story with a happy ending!!! I'm so happy you adopted him, Paulette! What a very lucky little guy.

Kath Hintz

Mmmmm when Tilly-Rous meets Fezziwig.... those photos will be interesting.....

He is a cute kitty for sure.




How long before you decide he needs a Mrs. Fezziwig? My black kitty, Spike, and I very much approve your choice! Thank you for adopting.


I LOVE him! Well-chosen all the way around, kitten, name and pal for Tilly! TFS. :) Cathryn


Adorable! And I love the name above all things!

...I hope he won't grow into a Five-Star Fur Factory--for your sake--though.

Karen Crowell

I laughed reading your blog about Fezz, the photos are precious and all the other comments are interesting too. I've got 5 cats of various coloring and love them all. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


What a cutie pie!!!!!!!! He's just adorable and I think the name suits him :-).


Oh how precious!

Robin Hager

He looks so much like my dear departed "Hairy"....yes, that's how we spelled his name! He lived to be 28 years old. No, that isn't a typo! His mother lived that long as well!
Many happy days with this adorable boy :)


Awww, he's a handsome little guy! Congratulations on your newest member of the family.


He is so cute, two cats are much better than one:-)


He is absolutely adorable . He is the spitting image of our "Frank" when he was a kitten and now he is beautiful and has such a lovely nature. I am sure you are going to have many happy times together.
But what did your other cat think of him?

Precious! We have a black cat and he is the absolute best cat we have ever had.
Merry Christmas!

Robin Henderson Patrick

He's adorable! congrats on your new family member.


He's so cute I can't stand it! Although that last picture scares me little. LOL! So how many pets is that?

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