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November 25, 2013


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tee hee! So very funny.


Hahaha - GREAT idea!


Oh you must make a pattern out of this! I am a big fan of "Game Nite" and I make my family have "Game Nite" as much as possible. My husband thinks board games are so boring but plays anyway for our children. I would LOVE to stitch this up for him... it would make the whole family laugh every time we looked at it!


lolol! Ah yes, Mike and his bored games. lol!


LMBO WAY too funny! :D Cathryn


Too funny! Although I do enjoy board games, I just love that last picture in today's post :)

Michelle R.

Paulette - This hits close to home for me as my husband was as the same convention. Last night he posted a picture taken of him with Ryan Sommer (from Mad Men)on his Facebook page. I bored him with all the R&R retreat happenings (including the evacuation of the Cavalier Hotel) upon my return from Virginia Beach in October. Stay strong!


Oh that is hysterical!!! Love it. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving that is filled with fun and no boredom at all!!


That is too funny! I didn't know there were so many board fanatics that they had conventions LOL
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


I think that more people go to board gaming conventions than you think. Gen Con is the biggest gaming convention and is held every year in Indianapolis and it draws between 35,000 aind 40,000 people every year. BGG Con the one I just went to in Dallas had 2500 people at it and is growing every year.

Believe it or not, I saw 4 different women at the Convention doing some type of knitting and needlework in the main gaming hall. Only one of them was doing Cross Stitch and the others were quilting and knitting. They were at the convention with their husbands and 2 of them were actually gamers themselves. They were just taking a break from gaming and were stitching to relax.

Maybe Paulette and I could put on a Cross Gaming Retreat called
"Gaming on Plum Steet"? It would be the best of both worlds ;)


Just in case any of you want to see what goes on at a board game convention here is my write up on it:




Ah, your stories about your husband are always entertaining! I had no idea there were such a thing as a board game convention (learn something new everyday!). Glad you guys enjoy your hobbies!


Don't know where the gaming convention was BUT the pizza from lizzano's looked Delicious!!! But then I've been off carbs for 4 months!


Sounds like how I feel about my husband's addiction to running and marathons. Nothing more boring than seeing people run by in agony and then afterwards hearing about injuries, personal bests and worsts, times, blah, blah, blah. And my favorite, the glazed look that crosses their face when I say I don't run.


I just found your site today. I have been reading thru some of your posts. Wish had discovered it in time to do the Sampler. Oh well. Next time. Was this the gaming convention in Texas that your husband attended? My son was there showing one of the games he has developed. He sold it to one of the companies there....not that I can remember which one or what this games concept was. Much like your husbands discussions about games - In one ear and out the other. My son will never make a bunch of money but he is having fun. He plays at least once a week with a bunch of guys. Sometimes twice a week. He uses the board games as a stress release from his day job of writing code and smart phone apps.


Sooo funny!
I love board games but not too many and certainly not for playing every day! ;-)
Best wished to you and your family for the New Year!
Kind greetings,

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