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October 20, 2013


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Last night, before bed, as I was laying my needle to rest, I remembered that the next part to Mary's Sampler would be ready for me in the morning. A huge smile came to my face. Thank you Paulette. =)


Thank you.


Thank you very much!

Sharon Stevens

I'm really loving this! If you want to see my progress so far

Thank you for this wonderful SAL :)


Love this Paulette & keeping up! It is a joy to look forward to something so simple each week. Thanks so much for sharing;-)



Thank you so so much, i m a little bit late but i try to do my best !


Thank you Paulette. I look forward to this SAL each Sunday and I am loving all your other new designs.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Katherine M. in Austin

Thank you for this stitching gift!


Thank you for this lovely project! Just a quick question; why does Sampler II have more items than Sampler I? I thought Sampler I was the 'bigger' project??? That's what I'm working on and I'm liking the extra sheep in Sampler II.


Thank you!


Thank you so much. Really enjoying this stitch, it's always the right amount.


Having so much fun with this! Thank you again!!!


Thank you so much! I look forward to this each week. I enjoy stitching this on quiet Sunday afternoons with a cup of coffee and an audiobook.


Paulette, again I had a wonderful day with stitching, still in trouble with the black background, but very happy with the "normal" linen version.
While stitching, I listened to the History of England, of Kings and Queens, and I had really wonderful stitching hours.
Thank you so much.
Your friend Anja


Thanks so much! I have already stitched part IV and I just love the way its coming together! Such a sweet stitch!!


Paulette--Thank you so much for this project. I am so enjoying the stitch. It is helping me to focus on the wonderful story of our Saviors birth. By the time December roles around there is so much to do it is hard to just sit and think about the wonders of this miracle..
You are adding just the right amount that is very do-able before the next release. Bless You!

pamela ruggles

hey, i love your cross stitch patterns. please tell me how to purchase your patterns. i'm not the most "tech" savvy person, so have i missed something on your page? thanks so much for sharing.
pamela ruggles


Paulette - just wanted to take a minute to say thanks so much for this SAL - I am really enjoying it! If you would like to see my progress it is here

Anja Davids

Paulette, thank you so much for this gorgious gift. I enjoy stitching it and it is wonderful to prepare for the arrival of Christmas. I love it! Lots of greetings from the North-West coast of Germany.

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