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September 22, 2013


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Thank you for this. Can't wait to get started.


Thank you! I'm really looking forward to this sampler. Can't wait!


I just love to make this sampler. And... I'm very curious how you've designed Mary's Sampler!!!


Wow! What a generous gift to us all. Can't wait to get started!



SoCal Debbie

Oh thank you for this wonderful mystery SAL! I'm looking forward to stitching a religious Christmas sampler!


This sounds like a wonderful idea. Let me see what I can scramble up from my pile. Sounds like fun.


How wonderful of you; love your style. Can't wait to see how this comes together.


Oh,Paulette, thank you! thank you! thank you!!!! I am so excited!!!


Count me in!!! Sounds like fun. Off to find material from my stash! Thanks for doing this and I hope the good Lord is willing!


What a "DEER" that you are giving us all such a sweet gift to kick off the holiday season! I can't wait!

And This Little Pig - Libbie in Oz

Sounds wonderful, thank you.


I look forward to this!!! I am going to gather my supplies tonight and patiently wait for next week :)


OMG Paulette! I'm so excited! You are so sweet to do this for us, your faithful fans! :) I'm so excited to gather my supplies and I'm looking forward to taking the first stitch! Thank you, thank you, and thank you some more! BTW, I love your design in the JCS Christmas issue. I will surely be stitching that too! You are such a kind person and I have often wished we could be neighbors! Oh boy...we could have some fun times! I'm probably closer to your Mom's age, but she could join the fun!!! Thanks again...ready,set.....stitch

Diane Gill

I am so excited! What a wonderful gift and especially a wonderful gift for Christmas.


What a wonderful thing for you to do. I am in! I was just gathering the supplies to stitch your ornament in the JCS issue. :o)


what a lovely gift!


This is very exciting! I picked up my colors this afternoon in anticipation! I created quite a stir when I mentioned your mystery sampler! Everyone got really excited!

Karen Herndon

Thank you for such a lovely gift! I can't wait to start!!!

Karen H.

Margaret K.

I'm so excited!!! What an awesome idea. I can't wait to get started and spend each Sunday stitching with you!!

Lynn Jones

This is just perfect!You can count me in. I was wondering what to start next and then your post appeared. I checked and I have all but one of the required floss so I can hardly wait to get started. Our church parish is St. Luke's Anglican (Episcopal in the U.S.) so it's great that this is based partly on the gospel of St. Luke. I would love to have it done for the holidays.


I am so looking forward to this!


This sounds very interesting~


Thank you Paulette! This should be lots of fun! :)

Anne Marie

thank you!
je vais avoir beaucoup de plaisir à suivre cette broderie mystère!
j'en parlerai mercredi sur mon blog.

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