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September 29, 2013


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Thank you Paulette for this wonderful gift! I've loved the Paradise lost, and I will also love this one.
I've decided to stitch the sampler 2.
Love from Austria!

Barb Simmons

Thank you so much for doing this for all of us!

Christine Richards

Thank you Paulette ~ Can't wait to get started.

Lynn Jones

Thanks Paulette! I haven't been home all day until now so I'm just downloading things now. I finished up all my other stitching just in time for this. I can't wait to get started!

Kaye Petro

Such a great gift, thank you so much, Paulette.


I'm still waiting for my threads to arrive, and can't wait to start stitching. Thank you so much, Paulette!

Sherwood Forest Maiden

Gosh I though each part of the Mystery SAL was going to be bigger than that, so I am off to buy fabric for my sampler and stitch on the next weekend.


Nikki Morin

I have my Week 1 stitched. I am doing version #2. Thank you for designing this; I cannot wait for week 2.



This was my Sunday afternoon project, and I cannot wait for the other 8 parts. Thank you so much!!


Part 1 stitched...can't wait for next Sunday!


I run to stitch


Oh, oh, oh, Paulette, I never stitched on BLACK linen before :( It is done now, but it took double of time. After the first stitches with daylight, magnifier and reading glasses, I felt sooo old and I thought “the first time and the last time”. What to do with the leftover linen? I decided to wash it so often, that I can use it as “washed grey” linen for Halloween ornaments.
But then, when I was finished, it was nice, and I became fast and faster. (Black Belfast 32” with two threads over two.)
To be on the safe side, I stitched the same again with one over two on 40ct. “normal” linen. That was a really fast stitching.
Paulette, thank you so much for that interesting Sunday. Never too old for new experiences.
I can not wait for the next part, my stitching friend.

With love, Anja


Printed out and ready to rock! whoops, I mean stitch...
Thanks so very much Paulette!


Thank you for the design. This is going to be fun. I am just getting started today. I look forward to following along. Hugs, Sandi


Thank you so very much, what a sweet and wonderful treat Paulette!


So excited about this wonderful "surprise" SAL! A chance to reflect on the real reason for this upcoming holiday season, and to create something beautiful and meaningful! Thank you.


Hello from Japan,
I really liked your charts.
So I'll try it.
Thank you for the nice project!


Thank you, Paulette! This is such a great idea and a nice way to stitch a Christmas piece. I'm a week behind, but am going to catch up this weekend.


Thank you very much, I started to get a great picture -

Karen Ferwalt

Thank you, Paulette! I just started today and am looking forward to next weekend.

Candy Berg

beautiful. Ive been away from cross stitch for a while, but it has been calling me home lately. This is perfect. Im looking for something for my step mother. Im thinking I may have found it.


What is the difference between the two mystery samplers? Why are there two?

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