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August 20, 2013


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I love this one and have been waiting for it. I already have it on order. Your mom's stitching looks perfect to me and that Jill Rensel frame is stunning.


Yeah. You're just that awesome!!! I'm so proud. I knew you way back when :0)


Beautiful..beautiful...beautiful....but enough about the yorkie....LOL!! I love every element of this sampler and the fact that your Mother was the inspiration behind it. Thank you for not posting a pic of the Lady's pinroll that went with it cuze then I would have to breath down your neck till you got it presentable!! See you in four days.......


I was lucky to be in one of your classes last year in Park City. I haven't stitched the piece yet, but it is just lovely! Can't wait to start stitching it.


I've been waiting for this ever since seeing your original photos. I'm so excited about it being released at Market!!! I will copy your mom's conversion. Love it!! The framing is beautiful, as always. Will be thinking of you when it is hung on my wall at Christmas!


Beautiful and I love both frames!!!!!!


Gorgeous -- been waiting for this one for what seems like forever. lol! Ok. Now you have to stop designing. You're putting me in the poorhouse.....


Oh Paulette! It's a beautiful sampler!! I love all the motifs and colours oh my!!


I love this piece. I was thrilled to have taken your class in Park City. My sampler is stitched and awaits a frame. Thanks Paulette.

Carol Grierson

this new sampler is beautiful! I love everything about it and will be ordering it!


It's just impossible for you to put out something ugly that I have no desire to purchase, isn't it?! Absoluelty LOVE all of your new designs, and especially this one. Can't wait!


I'm so excited that you are releasing this design. I fell in love with it last year when you showed the retreat photos and now I can't wait to get my hot little hands on my very own pattern! WOO HOO!!!

LOVE the framing that Jill did on your Mom's piece!


Sigh...I'll be stitching until I'm a 110...or older...LOL.....I love your designs Paulette (but then you already know that...LOL) home is filled with them (some stitched and framed! :) )
Have fun at Market!!!


This sampler is absolutely exquisite! Your Mom must be a very special lady indeed to be the inspiration for it. I will buy this one for sure! Will Brenda have it on her website?

Jennifer Stumpf

This is just lovely. Yes, please, we are waiting anxiously for the Lady's Pinroll! I am so taken with it. :-)


It is beutiful! I will wait for it )


It's beautiful Paulette! Another one I can't wait for!! :)


Love this design! I also really like the frame on your mom's piece too.


Oh, I love this design! So beautiful. I will have to write it down to order. Your Mom's stitched piece is just perfect.

Kristen from MA

Love, love, love it. Can't wait to get it! :D


it's a wonderful sampler Paulette - love your mom's finish - gorgeous frame. Can't wait to get this one - Mel

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