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July 02, 2013


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Paulette this sampler is stunning! I am even more thrilled that I will be able to get my hot little hands on it soon. I envy you these amazing retreat trips and classes. It is so nice to be with people who share this beautiful craft.

Judy Dudley

Hi Paulette! Love the sampler, so glad to read that it will be available soon. Love the colors that Katrina is using. Do you know if she posted her conversion anywhere? Judy


There must have been a wonderful adventure!!! I love so much the miniature and your 'A Crowning Effort' is super!!The pattern or e-pattern will be available??


I am so glad that you had a lovely time!! I would go on a mini vacation at Katrina's any time!! LOL. Your projects are gorgeous. You have outdone yourself once again.


I'm completely in love with the smalls (the sampler's beautiful but too religious for me...) Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures, and I'm glad you all had a great time - please come and do a workshop in Italy sometime :-)

Cathy B

Oh do we have to wait for St. Charles? It's a beautiful sampler. Those lucky Colorado stitchers!


Gorgeous pieces! What lucky stitchers! I'm in love! Love seeing the fun you had too. Wonderful!!


What a lovely retreat! I'm certain that Katrina and Judy did a lovely, gorgeous job of making everyone feel warm, welcome and wanting to stitch! Your beautiful stitching set was the Belle of the Ball for sure, I bet :)

I've had the honor of stitching with both Karin and Katrina and spending a weekend among them and good friends....its a fond memory I treasure!

Natalia Canaday

What a fun time we had, Paulette !!!! We were so thrilled to have you in our retreat and everybody LOVED your designs and, of course, the sampler. The weekend at Katrina's was fabulous and I am so glad I got to be there too !!! The picture of Jeff and Ellie is just precious.... Let's get together again soon !!!!


I'm hoping that I will have the privilege of attending a retreat and meeting you in person. I love your designs and this beautiful sampler is no exception!


Dear Paulette,
I think you really had a wonderful time.
When I saw the first photo, I wish, oh, I wish, I would be one of those ladies. There are no events like this here in our area.
I think all German stitcher are alone in their own small rooms.
I tried to have a stitching group in the next town, but we only were four and it did not work. We only met four times.
I´m looking forward to the great “Needle and Thread”-Exhibition in September in Osnabrück. This is the place to meet people who also love stitching like me. And we love to meet there.

I am happy that you share your adventures with us.

Your stitching friend Anja
(leaving the house in a few minutes for the knitting group Oldenburg)


Oh, it sounds like such a delightful time! The pieces are so beautiful - we'll be watching for market.


Oh, I am totally envious of everyone who attended the workshop. The projects look divine and I like how you've packaged them too. Nicely done, Paulette!

Love the new sampler (soon, soon!) and Katrina's own colours are looking gorgeous. I hope she will share them on her blog.


Beautiful smalls for everyone to work on and the sampler is gorgeous! Glad you had a fun working vacation and fun remodeling when you got home!


I'm so so proud of you. You are an amazing talent!!! Your sampler is beautiful and is on my wish list! Way to go girlie. Love ya!


Too much fun, it was such a great weekend!!!!!!!! Can't wait for you to visit again.


Paulette, I've missed you! Sounds like you had a great retreat. I marvel at the beautiful packaging you did for the retreat, and LOVE the crown sampler and accessories!!

Very cool that you were inspired to update at home. You will have to share pictures when you are done!


I just keep coming back to this post!! Everything is just beautiful from the wonderful projects to the stunning scenery.... I cannot wait fir this samplers release... The colors are so soothing.... Great job my friend :). Faye


The sampler is just lovely. And the text is lovely too.

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