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January 23, 2013


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Sis Patterson

What a wonderful gift for darling Sophie!!! I love all of the thought and energy that went into picking the right girl to join your family. Congratulations on the wonderful addition.


Congrats Sophie on the new addition and Tilly is adorable. You will have years of fun


What a beautiful cat, and what a great new friend for Sophie. Really love all the effort that you made to suprise Sophie. I hope Mike and the Hooligans will get used to her and love her too very soon.



That Soph face on the ride home makes it all worth while! Ah, those grand pets are so special; aren't they? Tilly-Roux is adorable!


That is so sweet, the two of them together - what a great story!


Oh the sweetness of it! I am such a sap. You got me crying. ;)

Sandra Engett

OMG, now I'm crying. I'm so glad Sophie now has her Tilly. What a special story, thanks for sharing.


Oh Paulette, this brought tears to my eyes!! What a sweet story! Congrats on your new Tilly! :) What a coincidence! She is just adorable!


Oh my gosh..Tille-Roux is adorable. Love the pics of her and Sophie..DARLING. Kittens are too much fun!!


Yep, I have tears as well! Such a sweet story and I'm so glad Sophie was able to bring Tilly home! Sweet kitty!

Carol Grierson

What a beautiful little tortie! I just had to put my kitty to sleep after 13 years and it broke my heart! She had the same black and white nose/mouth as your kitty. So happy for Sophie!

Julie Forslev

You're a great mom. :)

Michelle Glasgow

What a great story and a very lucky kitten. I am a cat person too.


What a sweet looking kitten!

Lynn in Alabama

I cried reading this. Ah, the love a girl has for her kitty. I know the feeling. Sophie's new kitten is beautiful.


Tilly-Roux is gorgeous! I'm so happy for Sophie, what a great way to surprise her.


Awwww, that is a special story! Congratulations to Sophie on her new kitty! Tilly Roux is so pretty!

Debbie in Kansas

Miss Tilly-Roux is so sweet! Loved this story!

Debbie in Kansas

Kate Carr

Darling picture of Sophie holding Tilly in the back seat. Very special. Bless you all for adopting.


Thank you for this sweet story, Paulette. Congratulations to the new "mum"!

Kristen from MA

Blub! Yes, I'm literally tearing up here at the office!

Tilly-Roux is just adorable, as is Sophie!

(Good think asking Theresa. She is, as Dooce would say, the Valedictorian of Kittens.:)

Diane Grick

Con"cat"ulations on the new furry family member. Looks like Sophie and Tilly-Roux will live "purrrr"fectly ever after! It's a beautiful thing to give a shelter animal a place in your home and heart.
Diane Grick
Silver Creek Samplers


What a sweet little kitty. She looks like a kitty I used to have, kind of a tortoise shell calico. She will be ok with the doggies once she gets used to her surroundings. And it makes one feel so good to have rescued a kitty.


Oh my gosh - when you said Sophie put her hands over her face and started to cry - I put my hands over my face and I started to cry! I still have tears running down my face! I'm so happy for you Sophie - and for Tilly Two (that was my thought when I saw her name was Tilly (Tilly Two 0r Tilly Toooo) came to my mind. But I love Tilly Roux also... May she settle in with the doggies soon. Much joy to all of you with your new addition to the family...

Linda in VA


Awwww, I just caught myself sobbing right along with Miss Sophie! Congratulations on your new family member :D

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