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December 04, 2012


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Rachel S

Lovely tradition!


WOW! You are both blessed! Thanks for sharing the love you have for each other with us. My mother was not a cross stitcher but I loved giving her pieces of myself. She appreciated the time it took. Merry Christmas!


OMG, you are absolutely hilarious and I am beyond jealous!!!!!! What a fun exchange and both samplers are just wonderful :-). What a sweet tradition to share with your mom!!!!!


Two beautiful ladies, and I'm not talking about the samplers ;)

I have been stalking your blogs to see if you had exchanged your annual samplers. Merry Christmas to you both.


OMGoodness they are both just beyond gorgeous!! I love them BOTH and now have to add them to the stash. But my gosh those frames are amazing and you two are just too cute for words. I'm so envious of the mother-daughter relationship you have...what a blessing! Merry Christmas, indeed!


How cute are you two!!!


I love your choice of a sampler. I have been meaning to stitch it for myself and seeing yours, I really think I should.

Natalia Canaday

Oh Paulette, you always make me laugh. You have a clever sense of humor and I enjoy your posts. Both samplers are just so absolutely beautiful, made more so by the special relationship you and your mom have. May God keep her for you for many years and may you both enjoy each minute you spend with each other. I am very happy that you have such a gift.

Laurie in Iowa

Both samplers are gorgeous and I love the mouldings you both chose. I love hearing about the exchange. You and your mom have such a special relationship.

Terri Hall

Just lovely, ladies! I love that you two get to share this tradition...what wonderful memories and heirlooms you are creating.


Love, love the tradition and of course both of your samplers are stunning!! Jill did an amazing job on the framing, spectacular. The biggest gift is that you and your mom have this bond and all those exchanges you have done will be treasures forever!


You girls did an amazing job, as always. I absolutely love, love the moldings you chose.

Thanks for letting US be a part of the celebration!


LOVE both - gorgeous finishes AND frames. Ya'll are precious.



Paulette! I love your yearly sampler exchange with your mom! Both samplers are beautiful and the frames are perfect! Your post made me cry because of this amazing relationship you two have. You are so very blessed!


I'm so excited!! I feel like such an uber dork for being so excited to watch you guys exchange your samplers, but I am. Love love love love everything, from the designs to the moulding to the love that you two have for each other, that shines through all that you both do. So fun!!


Well this is always an event for me every year! And every year you two exchange the most beautiful pieces. And Jill of course picks the most amazing frames too. So beautiful! You are both so lucky to have each other. Thanks for sharing with us every year.

Nan Lewis

What a wonderful tradition you and your mom have. Both samplers are amazing. It was wonderful to see it all unfold. Thanks for sharing your tradition with all of us.


Awesome exchange - well done ladies!


Those are so beautiful! Love the fun pictures!


What a beautiful tradition! I love looking at what you stitched for each other every year!
Beautiful choices!!!



Oh My Gosh!!! You two are too much. I love it. I really love the samplers you both did and really love the frames. That story was awesome

connie adrian

I'm not going to go on in a big gushfest like everyone has so far because.....
I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!!!! LOL!! Not just of the samplers, or your stitching ability, or your cute and perky little nose & dazzling smile(oops..didn't mean to let that one out of the bag!!)or your keen sense of humor, or your wonderful beautiful Mother ...I am jealous mostly because...I'm NOT your sister!! LOL!! We could have a three way exchange...oh the joy of it...three boxes, three samplers, THREE..just thing of it...and now I'm going back to being me...crap....


Love, love, love the samplers!! I am so stinking jealous that I don't have anyone to do this with. I think it is wonderful that you have this tradition, and Paulette, where is Rudolph when you need him?? Would have saved you all those redlights! :)


Wow. How really lucky you both are. But you know that don't you. Thanks for sharing this wonderful family moment. God Bless you and yours. Cathryn


Wow such lovely exchange ..and beautiful finishes..
A big well done
Love from South Africa
Cucki x

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