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June 12, 2012


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ICK! OMG! Sophie is brave to even get close to her dad! lol! Great pics! What fun to see the warriors do their stuff. Love it!


OMG! I cant stand to even get my hands dirty! So dont be begging me to enter this with you next year, dears! Great job, Mike..and your buddy!


Loved this post ~ how fun! Zack's preschool teacher and her daughter did a warrior dash recently and wow, those pics were some kind of messy. Didn't know it was a national event?! Great captions and pictures.

Sophie's picture is fabulous - think it's the best one of her yet and she takes a mighty lovey picture but this one is tops.

That porta potty view - hilarious!!



Congrats to Mike & his buddy! Your bio of the two had me in giggles. Love it!

Susan in SC

What a fun race! But, I would leave it to the boys as well!


LOL! ICK! The porta potty view kinda goes along with the post...LOL......great photos!!!!
Sophie is a beautiful young lady!





So much fun! I love it, we have nothing like it where I live (The Netherlands), great blogpost!

connie adrian

First, congrats to Mike and his buddy for doing the dash. Second, congrats to you and Sophie for being there for them! To even get close to that muddy mess...BRAVE!!!Love the view for your picnic...NOT!!
My niece and her friend also did this dash. They said it was awesome fun! Whadda think? You, me next year? We can be dirty girls....Meet me at Jones and we will discuss it over cupcakes and java.....LOL!!
Sophia..cute cute cute!!!


Way to go Mike and Jeff! Looks like you guys had a blast. Looks like the cleaned up pretty good for the ride home, too! You just gotta love those hats.


So very jealous!!! I was signed up for the Warrior Dash here in South Carolina and it was cancelled! I was bummed but even more so now browsing your experience!

Well done and congrats! :)

Natalia Canaday

Looks like they had fun !!! My nephew jus ran the Tough Mudder two weeks ago and I plan on running it next year !!!!


I think the title on the guys covered in "choclate" should read
I did not know it was that kind of PARTY!!!!!
Really great photos they were really having fun.

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