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March 27, 2012


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Laurie in Iowa

Great photos!


Paulette, when my kids get married, can you fly out to NY to be the photographer? Such great pictures! Love them!


Absolutely FANTASTIC shots!!!! I laughed out loud at the red heels! So clever! LOL Such a sweet couple. I looked like it was a lot of fun. Beautiful. You guys did a wonderful job capturing that moment in time for them.

Kimberly Hart

I love your photography. I've been married 25 years but would do it all again if you'd come take our photos for us! You have so many talents and I am in awe of you. Thank you for sharing.


Absolutely amazing photos, girls!! Those people were very lucky to have your combined talent! Makes me want to get married the same guy, of course! Lol! LLLY


Beautiful photos!!! And such a tiny, beautiful girl.

Very creative shots.. love the one with the bride standing in front with the groom blurred in the back.. dramatic! And the train photos are definitely fun!!


Such lovely photos, Paulette. I love how you captured the flavor and the mood of the day.


Paulette, you take the most amazing pictures (Jaime and Bre too)! I literally laughed out loud when I saw the bride's red shoes! What memories have been stored in your camera's eyes. :) Cathryn

joann tx

add me as another one who had to stop and think about the bride's red shoes! who'd a thunk? LOL!!

great shots!

Lynn Jones

Amazing shots Paulette! You are all to be commended!
Your talents bring such life to the photos.
I'm with some of the others. I'd do it all again if I could have you capture those moments!

Rachel McNally

Paulette, we loved every single photo that was taken that day! It's so great to be able to look back at your amazing photography and remember our special day. Not only were your photos wonderful but you all were such a pleasure to work with. I would happily recommend you to anyone!

And what's wrong with my red heels ladies?! They were foxy!! :)

Natalia Canaday

Amazing photos, Paulette !!!! My favorites have to be the ones in Union Station and among them the very first one on the train, just beautiful !! Thanks for sharing. The bride and groom look so young and so cute :-)

Cathy Lloyd

Dear Paulette, Your pictures are amazing! Is your mother's blog "Littlebit"? Just curious as that person just commented on my blog and I can't figure out who she is. The person is a medical transcriptionist and so am I and now I want to "chat" with her! Have a great week!


Paulette, These are stunning pictures! The bride and groom are truly lucky that they picked the best photographers ever! Such treasures for their future memories of this special day.


Beautiful pride and groom. I'm glad they have these beautiful pictures to remember their wedding.

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