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February 10, 2012


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Linda Crowe

You design it, I'll stitch it!!! LOL! I love each and everyone of your designs, Paulette, and this is no exception. The feathers are fantastic!! I know it's going to be even more beautiful in person!

Kristen from MA



it is gorgeous!!!! love the peacock on the right's tail...that just sort of spills out over the whole design.


I saw this on the abc stitch website this morning and nearly fainted with delight. I'm afraid I'll have to fall off the no new stash wagon for this...


Love, love LOVE this!!! My birthday is coming up the beginning of March, so, this will be my Birthday stash!!!
Cannot wait!!
Thanks again for the wonderful design!!!


Laurie in Iowa

Love the new design and the frame. Can you share the frame info with us?


Another must have! Thanks so much for another great design!


Love the first comment. Ditto! But oh, man, this is a drop everything for me. LLLY


eep! I love them! I have Olga coming and this will have to be ordered as soon as it's available - love the peacocks


So sweet. I love them. (And I love their names too.) Katrina's going to keep you busy. LOL!


Fantastic! I just love it, Paulette!!!


I love it Paulette!! So cute!! :)


Besides being so lovely....I want it because Maksym is my hubby's name! Might have to refer to it as Maksym and Lindsey...


The sampler is gorgeous - but Maxim and Zoya will definetly be on my list! How did you know I was eying those scissors? You temptress, you! LoL


This weekend I will finish one of you designs ... and it needs to be replaced... guess what?


Love, love, love! This is a must have! Thank goodness for Katrina looking out for Olga!


This is so pretty!


Ohmyfreakingoodness!~~~ Which will I HAVE to do first??? Paulette, you, yet again, have outdone yourself! These are two total winners!!

Mary Kelly

Sorry Paulette, but Sergei shouldn't have to share Zoya - I think he needs a love of his own. Maybe Lara (from Dr Zhivago)? What do you think ?


This one has been preordered and I can't wait for it to get into my hot little hands! I'm making space in my rotation as we speak.


I love this design and I am doubly thrilled that you used needlepoint inc silks because I just read a newletter that said an online shop is now carrying NPIs. Before these were so hard for me to find but they are wonderful to stitch with.

♥ marylin ♥

oh oh oh j'adore ! I love

bisous xxxx de FRANCE


You are too sweet!!!! I love all my Russian friends ;-).


I love your new design! I have been following your blog and I just brought 2 of your designs, and I can't wait to start them!


This is(again)really really beautiful, Paulette, you are a great designer.
Liebe Grüße von Anja

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