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January 25, 2012


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karren hubrich

These are the cutest thing! I hope they appear around here.

Natalia Canaday

Oh Paulette, you always make me laugh :-) Glad to have made you an EOS addict. I love the little things !!! And look at those colors in your pictures, they are still more appealing. I have them all too, and I use a flavor or another depending on my mood that day :-)

Natalia Canaday

Awwwwwww....... Did you check out the tangerine flavor????? I've got to get me one of those !!!! It is the only flavor I don't have. Love that orange sphere.. :-)


lol! You guys were so funny about those lip balms! I may have to try one too!


I have never heard or seen these before either. I'll be looking at my Wal-Mart and hope they have them. Can't wait


Ok I've added these to my ever-growing shopping list for our trip over the pond in May!


Right... I eagerly clicked the "Where to buy" link on the EOS site, and was told that the closest place is about 4799km away from where I am in Italy, somewhere in Newfoundland (not kidding! it even came up with a map showing the hop across the North Atlantic).

How depressing... (reaching for closest piece of chocolate, luckily only a few inches away) :-)


LOL, I went on the search too :-). I have a lemon and mint one and the hand lotions and body lotion, I may have to try summer fruit now too!!!!


I never thought anything compared to my beloved Smashbox lip treatment! I think after a dozen or more tubes, you could say I pretty much was convinced there was no equal. Omg..the EOS is amazing, and I love the fact that it only contains good stuff. I am a lip balm junkie and have tried it all. Thanks, Paulette, for letting me know about it...l wonder if they have any good books? Lol!


Hmmmm, they look a bit odd ... if ya know what I mean. lol BUT I'm game - I'll hunt for them too and see what the craze is all about, Girlfriend.

Tanya :)

Julie McConnell

I'm excited to see that they are gluten free! I'll have to pick some up for Abby. Thanks for the heads up!

amy ( sew~amy)

I have never heard of or seen these before. My daughter and I both like chap stick....we will have to check these littl guys out. Thank you.


Oh my goodness, I have to get some of these! I've never heard of them, either. Thankfully, after doing a search on the EOS website, they are at every drug store and grocery store in Tucson! How did I miss this before? (Probably because I am always chasing down my boys while shopping!) Thanks for sharing!


Mmmm.... I have the Summer Fruit, Lemon, Sweet Mint, and Honeydew (my fave!). My Ulta didnt have the Strawberry or the Tangerine. *sniff*

I am now on a mission as well. Must.Have.NOW.

joann tx

add me to the list of those who have never seen or heard of these before now! will have to go on a search this weekend!

Linda Huson

I've never seen them either! Where did you end up finding yours? Also note... you can buy them on Amazon - which is probably where I will get mine when I order some other things tomorrow!

Linda in VA

Bobbie Wilson

Here in Houston EOS Lip Balm can be found at CVS, Walgreen's & Kroger' least that is what a Google search indicates...I'll have to go check....

Lynn Jones

Okay so I will have to wait until I visit my sister in the U.S. before I can get my hands on some of these. They do have an online store but the shipping charges to Canada were more than I care to pay.
Thanks for the tip!


found the smooth mint and summer fruit at the local HEB grocery store in houston. left my summer fruit in the bathroom and when i came home the dog had found it, had it opened and bitten into and then left the opened pieces on the living room floor!

i wasn't a happy camper. sounds like some can be found at a variety of places here in houston!


After seeing these lip smackin' little cuties here on your blog, I was excited when I spotted 2 different flavours at a Walmart here in South-Western Ontario, Canada!

They had them hanging next to a display of body wash in the middle aisle, so I bought the Summer Fruit (maybe I'll get the Sweet Mint next time around.) And yes Paulette, your Mom is right; they do have staying power :^)

Thanks for posting about these... if you hadn't shown a pic, I probably wouldn't have given them a second look.


I haven't found the lemon one yet..but I did find a three pack today at Hy-Vee grocery store. Passion fruit,sweet mint, and strawberry sorbet all together in a neat little silver cardboard pak! They are a little large to carry in your pocket but a lot easier to find in your purse! LOL!! I can't believe how long they stay on! Totally going to give them to my duaghters in their Easter Baskets!!


Oh Paulette, EOS looks wonderful. I want to habe it too, but it is not possible to get it in Germany. I´m so sad_!!



I think this is a very looooooooooooong commercial break... (Are you ok Paulette, or just busy as can be...)


These are so cute! I'm going to have to buy one or two online (because I don't think anywhere here in England sells them)! But I need to try them now! Sweet mint sounds nice!


When I first saw the picture I thought they were candy.

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