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November 01, 2011


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LiBBiE in Oz

My goodness, that is Sophie isn't it? She looks so grown up, love the hair and they eyes :@
LiBBiE in Oz


Sophie looks so grown up as Medusa! Love her costume! Hope she had a wonderful time trick or treating! I think she looks like you in these pictures!

Robin Hager

What a great costume! I just watched an old horror movie about Medusa, but Sophie's snakes look so much better than hers! LOL! I hope she had a terrific Halloween!


I think Mike would agree with you! Lol


joann tx

you and sophie out do yourselves each year on her costume! i still love the red headed queen from last year, but this one is up there with it.

sophie is absolutley gorgeous as Medusa!!!
fantastic job!!!


Julie McConnell

Great costume!

Ginny Smith

Ohhh Myyyyy Goooosssshhhhhh!!! Joonie is such a beautiful young lady!
I adore the 3rd photo where she is trying so hard not to let her dimples show... :) too cute!
I hope she had a wonderful time last night!


Oh my gosh!!!! What amazing make up on both Mike & Medusa. I LOVE the Medusa get up--you guys are so creative!


Wow!!! What an awesome costume!! She looks amazing!!


very love pictures

marylin France

22 Threads



Amazing costume! I want those eyelashes though!


Wow, awesome costume!! Sophie looks beautiful as Medusa. It looks like it would be a fairly easy costume to put together but oh so effective!

Linda in CO

OMG, Sophie looks so beautiful! So grown up! She is going to be OMG stunning! Mike had better be putting in time on the gun range. He's going to need it to keep the young men from the door! She is beautiful!


ROFLOL! Sohpie is adorable - scary, but adorabe! Who's clever idea was that anyway?? And tell Mike he finally looks his age... ;-)


OMG. LOVE this costume! Where did you get the headpiece? Did it all come together, the headpiece and the outfit? Awesome.

Debbie Schroder

She looks so grown up!!!! and the costume is great!!

Lynn in Alabama

OMG Sophie is so beautiful.

PS - Thank you for the comment on my blog. I ran around the room hooting and hollaring until I got so tired my husband had to help me to the couch to collapse. Then I panicked because I wondered if you looked back a page or two and saw that I had done Queen's Crowns in Blue and if so, if you liked it. I took a nap then I had to boot the computer back up to see if I had dreamed that Paulette Stewart had actually looked at my blog. No kidding, your comment really thrilled me.


Excellent costume! Sophie looks like a real grown up Medusa. I love it.

Julie Nichols

WOW! Paulette, did you do their make up? Incredible!


I am so amazed by this costume! Even more so that she looks so beautiful! Don't look into her eyes Paulette! You will be her slave forever [if you aren't already ;)] Cathryn


I totally need to know how you turned Mike to stone. (And don't say it was the snakes!) Great costumes.


Great costume and beautiful make up. She looks even more grown up.


OMG - that is the best costume! You are all so creative! I love this even more than the Queen of Hearts from last year!

Now can I borrow that and turn my DH to stone for a little while?

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