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October 12, 2011


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Laurie in Iowa

Wonderful collection... looking forward to Eulalie's release.

april taylor

Paulette I love all the tombstones!! Can't wait for the new one!!!


I've always loved your tombie designs - in fact Dead Man's Chess got started the moment it landed in my greedy paws, hehe. It's great to see them all together in this post, and congrats on the new designs.


What great tombstones!


What a great post! I love all the tombies and I loved stitching Eulalie's sampler. :)


I love your new design!! (Don't I love all your designs though!!)
Great to see them all together!!



Nice! What a fun post this is too! I've always loved your tombstones. Eulalie is a great addition!


OMG, that' was SO much fun!!! I think I have most of the charts, I love tombstones, but I need to be sure I have them ALL!!!! Love Eulalie!!!!!


Zoinks!!! I'm reminded of more charts that I have collecting dust upstairs that NEED to be stitched. All of your gravestones are wonderful. ;) I love Eulalie--the name is perfect and Nicole's stitching is beautiful!

Kim Lewis

Love the tombies! More please! Keep 'em coming. And I LOVE the biographies included with each. If loving tombstones is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Julie McConnell

Paulette! You're too funny! I enjoyed the walk through the Cemetery. Used to do that all the time in my teens.


GORGEOUS. Cleverest post yet, GF!


Cathy Lloyd

Love your tombstones and history! My current
WIP is "A Sweeter Love" working on the third line of over-one verse...taking me FOREVER! HA! I think of you often while stitching it!


I love your tombstone designs.
Dead Man's Chess is fabulous
Keep up the great designing


The tombstones have been a favorite of my girlfriend and mine! Love them, they always give me a chuckle.


You are extreme exquisite person .... but who is not!! eheheh... I am certainly!! Like very much you collection!!! Like Emma Netles .... intersting woman.


I have always LOVED your tombstones and in fact they were one of the reasons I really wanted to meet you. I figured anyone who would chart tombstones would be my kind of person!! I have had them on my wish list for a long time....wonder what people would think of all of them stitched and displayed in the guest room??? MMMMM..
Connie(your #1 stalker)


What a fun and spooky post!


Oh I love your stitching ! your blog is very beautiful my friend

marylin from France


I love, love, LOVE tombstone samplers, tombstone angels, anything of the slightly macabre! It's SO fun! Can't wait to get them ALL!


How cool to see your tombstone designs all together! They are all wonderful.

Stratham sounds like a great place for them all! You should write a novel about the residents of Stratham - what an interesting story that would be!


I only own one of these charts right now.... I must say after reading this..... I need to own them all. I am sure stitching them would also be a plus. I love these. :)


Love the photos - what a fun post! And Eulalie makes an excellent addition to the group!

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