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August 23, 2011


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Robin Hager

How adorable! I LOVE re-doing things like that! Much more fun than buying something new, and that extra money can be spent on clothes and coffee! I can't wait to see pictures of her room.


What a great desk! You are all so creative. Looking forward to seeing Bre's apartment, I am sure it's adorable!

Peggy Lee

How creative of you all. It is handy to have a big Papa around, isn't it?
I love to go thrift shopping. Did you see the idea I posted from a fellow blogger on my side bar? Makes me want to go out and grab every old embroidery hoop I can find!


You are both so talented. The desk looks great.


Too cute!!! Love it and I can't wait to see pictures of Bre's apartment!

karren hubrich

THis is so awesome! Much better than some drab new thing. I like out of the ordinary, home crafted things. Wouldn't it be cute now to find fabric with yellow diamonds for a chair cushion?


You guys are so creative! I love Bre's new desk and chair and their accoutrements! Very nice! Can't wait for the apartment pics!


This desk is amazing!! I love what you've done with it. The glass knobs are gorgeous and Bre's choice for the lamp is just perfect! I wouldn't mind a lamp like that myself. Now I can't wait to see her apartment!


I love the desk and chair. What a great find. Looking forward to the pics of Bre's apartment. :) Cathryn

Julie McConnell

Looks great Paulette! You and your girls are very talented and creative. Oh, and lets not forget Big Papa, way to go dude!

I will look forward to apartment pics!

Laurie in Iowa

The desk looks great... you girls do nice work. Looking forward to the apartment pics.


I think this is gorgeous! Lovely job to all :)

Kristen from MA

Nice finds, and great work! Can't wait to see the pics of Bre's apartment.


Looks fab!!!



great job.


How creative and I'm sure it makes her apaprtment a brighter and nicer palce to be!

Terri - TerriBoog

So cute! I think it turned out great - fun and a bit funky - what could be better than that?

♥ marylin ♥

magnifique travail !


What a fantastic job you guys did! Love that lamp too.

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

Simply darling!
Simply Bre!
Remember to check online - you can get special discount coupons for use at your local Goodwill.
I always print off a few and then give them out, randomly, to young mothers shopping there.


Love it! What artistes you are! :) I would love to see pics of her apt. too. Fun! :)


I love how you take old things and make them beautiful.

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