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August 30, 2011


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so adorable. The licking is so cute


Oh, the cuteness! I can hardly stand it. Now I want kittens...

Peggy Lee

Oh so the tongue!

Your daughter is growing up so quickly!


Sophie needs one now :) Precious, purrrfect pics!


karren hubrich

Ahhhh.... I have never seen such an affectionate kitty...beautiful too, and such lovely photos of your daughtrer with her.


Ahhh, such sweet photos :-)

Linda Huson

Me thinks Sophie needs to have her own Tilly.....

Linda in VA


Paulette!!! Get that child a kitty!!! What's one little kitty! Such a friend and cuddle pal! Come on Mom, get her a kitty! (I have 5 and we all cuddle!) Look at her (Sophie's) little face...she NEEDS her own kitty! My oldest one (14) is chasing her tale on my computor desk as I speak. Here kitty, kitty....
Linda in CO


LOL, Yep I noticed the absence of pics of Bean and Bre. I must admit though, I loved the pics of Sophie and the kittens. :) TFS. Cathryn

joann tx

tilly and lux are so cute, but give me a puppy any day! :-) if it had been me i would have gone home and hugged the heck out of friday!

hum....can't remember haveing kittens on campus when i was in college or are the girls off campus?

Yvonne S.

So sweet! Nothing like kitty love to warm your heart!!


I don't blame Sophie one bit for missing that cute little fuzzball! I love a kitty who gives kisses. I'd be working my charms for a kitty of my own if it was me!!


Sweet pictures of Sophie and Tilly!!!! I think she needs her own little kitten ;-).


so sorry about the loss of your Mom's dog. Loved the pictures of him you posted while taking care of him.

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

Such darling pictures!
Check out the M's on the kittys foreheads...........this means they are very smart fur babies!

I think Sophie needs her very own kitty........maybe a black one for Halloween????
I'm just sayin......................

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