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July 07, 2011


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This is really hysterical! I have two daughters and we still refer to Mimi a lot - there is a woman we don't particularly care for who actually does wear toooo much makeup but not nearly as much as the real Mimi who we still refer to as Mimi. It is really nasty on our part but brings a smile to my face every time I think of it.


I don't know if your husband ever did this...but my dad is a firefighter, and picked me up from school once in a fire truck, and I almost died. Maybe being picked up in a police car with the lights and sirens for "cosmetic offense" would be a good punishment? :o)


She does have the sweetest face. I had a friend who dressed up like Mimi one year for Halloween. She was a hoot!!! I love the "Cosmetic Offense" idea from above. I think our girls started with eyeshadow at about that age. Mascara came a bit later. She is a sweet girl. Baby steps Mom!!


ROFLOL! Sophie is too pretty for makeup..yes, I know..I'm her MeeMee, so that means less about now. Sophie..if I see you looking like your mom..I mean MiMi on Drew Carry, I will march straight into your school room and..and..well, I will think of something, trust me! M is for mascara..eye is for eyeliner. LLLLLLLLY


what you see is what you get
and what a beautiful fresh young
face sophie has as is...she doesn't
need any makeup to hide her beauty!

guess i agree w/mee mee....!!! LLLY!!!


Oh my! So young for makeup! But yes, I can see how it would be tough when every other girl in the house can wear it. Sophie, I love how you look au naturel! Good luck!


no need for makeup sophie she is very beautiful as this, your other two girls as they are sublime look like their mom, my daughter with me Heloise to 9 ½ years and she prefers lipstick .... Oh those girls!
friendships de France


This is such a sweet post:) And your daughters are lovely...


I understand why Sophie wants to wear makeup too but she has such a gorgeous complexion! She's such a natural beauty. Just those dimples alone are a charmer.
My family used to tease me as well about the way I smile. My eyes always seem to close and try as I might I couldn't make my eyes open any wider.

Julie McConnell

Too funny Paulette! I remember those days with Abby and Amy. Amy isn't such a girly girl so she often goes without makeup and it does not bother her in the slightest. Sophie, you are a beautiful girl so here's hoping you don't go overboard on the makeup. And for God's sake, do not and let me repeat this DO NOT put more on once at school. You WILL get caught and your mom WILL show up as threatened and the embarrassment will be hard to live down.

Loretta John

Auh, she looks like a sweet girl. It seems like she won't do that "adding make-up at school" thingy, 'cause she would obey you. She doesn't even want to see you looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show! Haha! It's funny when her smile and eyes turned bigger. She's cuter when she smiles naturally. Good job taking care of your three girls! A moment like that must've given you the nicest feeling ever as a mom. :)

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