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July 20, 2011


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Congrats, Paulette! I enjoyed reading the interview.


Congrats Paulette! I read the interview yesterday--just happened to check out the site and found you! Enjoyed reading your responses to the questions....ummm--do you really like coffe??? LOL

Laurie in Iowa

Star for a Day. Congrats Paulette.


Congrats Paulette! What a wonderful interview. How fun!!!


Great interview!!!! I enjoyed reading it :-).


Congrats Paulette!!!! That tongue sticking out of the dog is so cute


I also love that receipt. I have been making it for years. I crush a little oreos and put on top. YUMMM!!!! Wonder what it would taste like with coffee ice cream????


I loved it! Really cute and I had to laugh at your coffee statements!


Fun interview!!! Love it! I have a question I wish they'd asked. Do you have an art background? :D (Methinks the doggies are wrong.)

Robin Hager

That was great, Paulette! You look so cute in your photo. How old are you anyway....18? What would we do without our coffee and stitching!


Great interview!

Diane Grick

Welcome to Hoffman's Sampler Wall of Frame! Enjoyed reading your interview. Such fun!


I stumbled across your interview yesterday and thought is was great. Despite your furry children's opinion, I think you're interesting!

Ginny Smith

HAHAHAHAHA! I love the doggers attitudes today, even though they are all dressed up for the holiday. :)

Jackie, from TEXAS

love the pooches!


Great interview Paulette!! I'm right there with you on the coffee!!!

Sheila Bales

Great interview.


your furry fan club of two is cute.
but i bet they think differently!

i'm off to read the write up!


I enjoyed reading your interview.

Yes, I remember the owl on the branch! Not only do I remember it, but I use it to teach cross stitch. It includes how to do a Cross Stitch, a Backstitch, and lot's of great beginner information. You can still find it on Gloria and Pat's website at;

The pattern is at;


Windy Meadow


Great interview. You look fabulous in the photo, especially with your favorite Starbucks coffee! You really need to design a few coffee patterns.

karren hubrich

What cute pups!

Lili Bear

Lol! They're too funny.
Just back from reading the interview (neat!) and wanted to say that you idea of removing the forks from the drawers is a great one and I shall try next time I cook.


It was a wonderful interview, Paulette. Loved it. Have to chuckle over the "COFFEE". You really do take coffee seriously don't you, outside cross stitch of course. ;) Cathryn


You did GOOD, Paulette-y!! Gold stars all around and I love your new pic!!!

That owl? That was the first thing I ever cross-stitched! lol

xoxo Jan


loved your interview! i so enjoy following your blog... the way, if your ever in papillion...we have a coffee shop there....thats how much i love coffee!!! :D (and stitching too)

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