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June 28, 2011


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Lovely picture of your mum's garden and her dog. He's a cutie.
Hope your mum is doing fine. :)

joann tx

your folks must have a good sized yard! enough room for major to run and share the space w/all the pretty flowers and things. chairs under the tree and a bench near the water garden. or is that major's watering hole? :)

he like friday is a handsome boy! and i loved the yellow flowers from your yard. i've never seen so many yellow flowers in one place before! i usually dead head mine as soon as i see them! LOL!

what a fun summer day!

Robin Hager

Paulette, girl! You are an amazing photographer. I can't get over what an "eye" you have. Your mom's yard is really pretty, and Major is adorable! I look forward to seeing more photos!


What a beautiful garden. Wish I had the yard to have a lot of flowers in.


Loved the pictures! Not only do you take great pictures, but you always manage to put some humor into it and make it a story too. Major is so cute! He definitely looks like the enthusiastic type. lol!

Jon Kelly

Hey Paulette, I just wanted to say that I always love your pictures! I miss you guys and hope you're doing well. I was thinking that maybe we should coordinate with Audrey and all take a trip to Omaha to visit sometime next year. Tell your family I said hi and we love you!


That picture of Major running towards you would win a contest - love that one!!! Love your yard ... I mean your Mom's ... always such a delight to walk among her flowers via pictures here and on her blog. If I could copy and paste them on my own yard - that would be super keen. LOL


Kathy K

Gorgeous photos. Simply gorgeous.


I love your pictures. Great job.


What a beautiful garden your Mother tends to. I love Major. He has such a spirit about him. Looks like you did a fine job watering in your Mother's absence.Your pictures are just great.


I love the pictures !

marylin France


I LOVE that pic of Major running towards you! What a cutie. Your mother's garden is amazing.

Melody Heck

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photographs. Your Mom's yard is so very pretty. Looks like Major enjoyed your visit!


Paulette, what an eye you have and what a great narrator too. You are so lucky to have so many gifts and blessings in your life. Thanks so much for sharing them. Always enjoy visiting your blog. :) Cathryn


Your Mom has a truly tranquil and beautiful yard. Thanks for capturing it with your photos. I truly enjoyed them and the pics of Major too!


What a lovely big yard for Major to run around in. And the flowers are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing.

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