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March 22, 2011


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karren hubrich

What a sweet thoughtful gift. I like those pins.


Since you asked: a singular noun already ending in "s" becomes possessive by adding just the apostrophe... no additional "s" :)

What a great surprise!


Okay, I was just about to comment and then saw your twitter updates (I haven't checked my Twitter feed in a few days) and the question from Sophie. ROFLOL!! So funny.

Your package from Chris--OH MY GOSH!!! What an amazing gift! The wrapping is incredible and the present itself is just adorable. Love the mug, but the pinkeep is, as they'd say here, beyond words.


What a sweet gift from Chris. I love it! It's all so special. The little coffee cup is wonderful -- and the personalization on the pinkeep. Wow!


Can you let Chris know that I celebrate Nothing in Particular Day?

The MLA and Economist handbooks both require 's, so Chris's rather than Chris'. Chicago Manual of Style is more flexible. Usually you only drop the ess when it is difficult to pronounce, or when dealing with the names Jesus, Moses, Socrates, and Xerxes.

So, Chris's is correct.


That's what I mean about the "s" and apostrophes! It seems that every time I think it's one way, I read somewhere that it's incorrect. I remember being told two different ways in school as well, by two different teachers. Ah well, if the point get across, then I guess it doesn't matter! Maybe I'll just start referring to Chris as "Christine" and then I won't have that problem. LOL



What a sweet gift!!!! Chris is wonderful :-).


I agree, the wrapping is fantastic. The little coffee cup is too cute.


What a wonderful and thoughtful friend you have! Her gifts (and wrapping!) are perfect!


Oh, wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Paulette! I love this girl in her little folk-ish costume.


What a fun package and because I'm totally obnoxious, I'm excited to say I've stitched the design on the card she sent you!

Life with Kaishon

What an absolutely WONDERFUL friend. I love that she was able to brighten your day : ) We all need to do things like that so we can make the world a better and more beautiful place!

PS Her wrapping IS sensational. WOW!

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