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March 19, 2011


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joann in tx

welcome back! i figured ya'll were on spring break and having a good time somewhere.

clearing out the inlaws home had to be hard. lots of memories for all. did you take the little dogs along too?

glad you're all back safe and sound!



We've missed you, Paulette!!! Checked in daily but no Stewart family stories.

Sophie's such a precious gem. What a sweet, soft gesture.


welcome back! We missed you too. I imagine it must have been very difficult for all of you when faced with all those memories at your inlaws'.
Thank you for the sweet chart.

Lizzy Pizzy

I've missed you [and your posts] too, Paulette.

I think that there is no easy way to clear out a family home - what ever the circumstances. Maybe it was a blessing that you had no computer for a few days.

Thanks for another lovely freebie too, you are a sweetie

Liz (AUS) x x


Awesome Paulette, I have missed you too....on this blog. Thanks so much for the freebie...its lovely.
Margaret in NZ


I`ve missed you Paulette. Now your are back and everything is all right.



Thank you for the freebie - It is a lovely pattern :)


Hello Paulette,

I've missed you too, and I'm glad to hear from you again.
So sad to leave Mike's parents' house so empty.


Welcome back to blogland, and thank you so much for this absolutely charming chart!


I have missed you to. I was hoping that everything was alright. Sophie is so sweet. I know that must have been hard. I've been there. But welcome back. I look forward to catching up on both blogs. Thanks so much for the adorable chart.


It's lovely! Missed you too! Sorry to hear your computer had problems. Thank you for the chart!


Love this chart! I have plans for it already! LOL

I'm sure it was a rough week....hugs to all of you.....



Thanks, very cute! :o)



That is such a tough time in life.
I know we all have to go through it, but ugh, boy is it ever tough!

Thanks for the freebie!


Oh Paulette, I missed you too. Thank you for the wonderful design. That would be so perfect for so many things. I'm going next to look at your photography. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Cathryn

Linda Huson

Wow! I'm sooo happy to see you posting. I was really beginning to get worried. I was thinking you were either away or having computer issues. But there was this little voice in my head that was worrying still...hoping and praying that nothing had happened to any of you and yours.

I cried when I wrote what you said about Sophie saying good bye.... breaks my heart!

Linda in VA


You have been missed too !

Karen Herndon (klmvangard)

Welcome back and hope all days forward are filled with nothing but sunshine. Thanks so much for the cute chart. You're a dear lady.

Karen H.


Missed you!

Love that photo blog of yours too :)


Happy to hear from you again! Thank you for the lovely freebie! :)


Good to hear from you! Thanks for the chart--I miss my Mom so very much, I am going to add her intials or just stitch "I miss you Mom! Life is never the same when loved ones go, but one day we'll be with them again, what a reunion it will be!!!

Linen Stitcher

What a sweet pattern! Thank you for sharing it with us, Paulette. Hoping your family finds comfort in cherished memories of those who are no longer with you.

Debra Scott

I always look forward to your posts - the photography blog, too. I felt like I was going through withdrawal :)). Anyway, so glad you are back and hope your computer woes are over! Thanks so much for the beautiful freebie!

Kimberly Martinez

love the miss you pattern. I am making one for a dear friend.Thanks for such a lovely pattern


Sweet Sophie! Makes me wish I was there to hug you both. Glad you are back online! I love the freebie- brought to mind someone right away that I could stitch it for, and so many others after that.. thank you!

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