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February 23, 2011


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Hi Paulette!
I'd love one of those magazines!!
And, I'd love you do sign your design in it!
I am in Canada, if that's a problem.

Take care

Karen CA

I would love to have a copy. A perfect way to end winter stitching and move onto spring!


Oh, a red sampler sounds lovely!
I would love to have a copy of the JCS magazine, please add my name to the hat :-)


Paulette, now come one...of course there would be more than a "couple" of us that 1) wouldn't have a copy of the January JCS yet and 2) would want to stitch your new design. Please *count* me in! What were you thinking? That we don't love you anymore? Silly girl! ;)


Please enter me into your drawing! I would love a copy of this issue!!


I'dlike a copy of the issue. It's really hard to find JCS around here. The LNS only orders the Christmas issue.

Congrats on being featured!


joann tx

i'm with mom on the red traditional sampler! :)

and i already bought my issue....are you really just 30 as the article stated? and brea is 21 and my math is rusty?????



LOL, Joann! No, definitely not. I went and re-checked the article and it said "The 30-year cross stitch veteran..." Not 30-year-old! ;)


Susan Wharton

hi Paulette i would love to stitch one of your new designs. I just finished Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow and it would be fun to stitch a smaller piece. btw I am a fan of your bunnies and have stitched all of them except for your two newest ones. I hope the bunnies keep coming. Susan

Paulette, I love your designs and love reading about the crazy adventures of your family. You seem to take so much joy from life. Please include me in your drawing for a copy of JCS magazine. And also, if I am the lucky winner would you autograph it please? When the cast come off of my left hand (in 10 days) I will be back to stitching. Have a blessed day. Janet


Ooh, I'd love a copy also. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!


I'd be interested in one!


Hi Paulette!
I would love to have a copy! I don't know why I don't have a subscription to this magazine. I went through an economizing phase some time ago and got rid of all my mags. Miss them!


Hi Paulette!

I would love a copy of JCS! Please add my name to the hat :)


Kristen from MA

Don't include me in the draw, Paulette, since I already have this issue. I'm commenting to say that this issue is really great - the best in recent memory. For those who don't win, buy this issue - it's worth the $6. (I have no conenction to JCS/Hoffman, I just loved this issue, errors and all!)

Teresa S

I'm a faithful follower but don't have much time to comment. Please enter me-your design is so pretty!


Oh, please pick me~! :D

I've been looking for this issue (because I love your piece in it, and the Praiseworthy one is also great), but the bookshops don't have it. And my ONS doesn't sell JCS! Wah!

Thanks for your generosity, though, whoever you pick!


I'm one of the few that doesn't have this magazine! So sign me up! And geez...would ya smile a little brighter in the next pic? ;o) And hurry up and get on that traditional red thing too!


I would love that magazine--- and you just keep on designing wonderful stuff!!!



Very fun! I'd love a copy.


I too would love a chance at one of the magazines... thanks for sharing! Congrats to you too! It must be very exciting seeing your designs in print :^)


Thank you for offering a chance at the magazine! I cannot find those around here and now they are closing our Borders store so we have even less chance of getting them!


Lisa V

Oooo, I'm in Australia, if I'm still eligible to enter I would love to be in the draw to win one of your copies. I dont have access to that magazine over here.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Tracy Alexander

I'd love a copy, I need to call my LNS! But I'd be happy to win a copy too!

Kathy H.

Well, it's clear you'll be drawing names and I certainly do want mine included too. I love your designs. Keep 'em coming.

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