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February 10, 2011


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Awwww... is this the Mikey from the Mike's birthday pics? Very sweet... congrats, Sabrina! What a fun and creative way of asking you. =)


Oh my word - brilliant!


wow she is a very lucky girl, that is a very creative way to be asked to the Prom!


Ahhhh....wie romantisch !!!
Liebe Grüße von Anja


Awww! That's so sweet :)

Cathy Lloyd

Oh my GOSH....That is so stinkin' fun! Good for Sabrina! Something she will remember for a loooong time! We'll need pictures of shopping for the dress, etc. Now I can't wait for her PROM! YAY!


So Sweet! Who says romance is dead?! I hope they have great fun when prom comes around.


Aww! My eyes got a bit misty! :)


So sweet!

And Mikey fared much better than the poor boy who left several messages on my cell phone a few years ago, repeatedly asking if "Jamie" had a date for the prom. Sadly, I was not Jamie - nor was I of prom-going age. So I changed my voice mail message to say, "Please leave a message...but if this is Troy, I think you have the wrong number." A day or 2 later I got an apologetic message - "uh....I thought this was Jamie's number....I'm sorry...." *click* LOL


Awww... what a fun way to get invited to the prom!


How sweet, and what fun! Very creative.


Soooooo sweet! Can't wait to see the prom pics! :)


I love that story!! Mikey is one lucky guy to get to spend an evening with my beautiful girl! LLY

Lisa M in NZ

An awesome way to get asked to the prom!

NZ doesn't have proms but in my first year of uni there was a ball that was a big deal and my bf cross stitched me a note: "Will u go 2 the ball with me?" on aida with floss that he had stolen from my room! We are still together and I still have it (of course!)

His best friend asked his date by using jenga blocks. He stuck them on the wall outside her dorm room spelling out the same question. (They always played jenga together).


Ok, that boy is a keeper! I love it!


That is so sweet! I hope that she has a wonderful time when they go! And of course, we want pictures!

Melissa Gongalski

That's the sweetest thing ever! Imagine what his proposal will be like ;)


Awww, how sweet! Congratulations, Sabrina!


That is so sweet! That young guy is very lucky. Sabrina is a lovely young woman. :) Cathryn


Thank you for sharing your "girl" stories with us. As a mother of "boys" only, I don't get too many of these stories.

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