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February 28, 2011


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Spring Robin

Thank you Paulette for this lovely post. My shop is called "Spring Robin" because of my love for these birds, and for the fact I was named after them. They symbolize strength and hope for me, and I hope your friends will receive both of these in their grief. You have such a beautiful spirit, and I thank you again for sharing it with us. I love you, girl!


that is amazing. Prayers for the whole family and friends


Those are beautiful pictures, Paulette!

joann tx

i can't remember the last time i saw a robin here in houston. too many mourning doves around and black birds. :(

maybe the robins were sent to comfort the grieving family?

Christina J.

Beautiful post. I am using one of the photos for my desktop--thanks!


Wonderful photos, P! {{hugs}}


Wow! I have never seen so many Robins together at one time!


What a magnificent scene this must have been and the air must have been ringing with their song! Wonderful pictures, Paulette!


Wow, that's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


What a lovely story, it gave me goosebumps. Your photos made it all the more special.


Paulette, thank you for this uplifting, inspirational post. I've never seen that many robins together, truly this was a gift from heaven for your neighbor's family. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos with us. I will be using them on my desktop.

Amy Frazier

If that doesn't inspire you to do a robin chart, I don't know what would!


Thank you for the pictures! That must have been so amazing to witness...I too think that God was sending the family a message of hope and comfort!


Oh Paulette, thank you so much for sharing this. I am so depressed with cabin fever that I think Spring shall never come. What an amazing sight and sound that must have been. Thank you also for being the spiritual person you are. So uplifting. in gratitude, Cathryn

Beth Twist

Simply incredible.

I believe God orchestrates such happenings to delight and comfort our hearts.

And thank you for sharing the hi-res versions. I had already clicked one of the small ones for my wallpaper and was sad that it was small. :)


Thank you Paulette for sharing these pictures. They're wonderful! I don't think I've ever seen so many robins at one time. Surely something special happened there.


Lovely story and wonderful photos. Prayers to the family those robins were singing too...

karren hubrich

Oh, this is beautiful! Never have I seen more than two or three robins together! This is amazing. Thank you for your thoughts and for sharing.

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